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Watch Brian from Winterhaven, FL Comments

Brian wants to build a home theater system with a regular projector. Leo says if he has enough depth in the room he's using, it's always better over a short throw. He also wants a flat screen permanently affixed to the wall. Leo says that works, but he can also get one that can be pulled down with a remote control. He should go to MonoPrice for that. He can install it himself and save some money.

What projector should Brian get? Leo thinks Epson is good. That's what Leo uses. Optima is also good. Both are lower in cost, but will still eat up the bulk of his $10,000 budget. The sound could be a Denon AV receiver with a decent 5.1 speaker system. The sky is the limit as far as the cost goes for that, and Brian will get tons of varying recommendations depending on who he asks. He should go to the AVS Forum and read the speaker reviews.

Leo recommends Emotiva. They make very affordable, high quality audio products. The Air Motiv 7.1 system has two towers, 4 surrounds, 7 speakers for $1400. Brian will want to get a subwoofer too. Scott has always recommended the Andrew Jones designed Pioneer sound bar, but Leo isn't much of a fan of sound bars, especially for dedicated home theater rooms.

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Watch Bonnie from Compton, CA Comments

Bonnie says there's plenty of internet options here including AT&T, Dish, Time Warner, and Spectrum. She signed up for Spectrum at 100Mbps with no caps for $30. That's only an introductory rate, though. It'll go up a lot more after that has expired. Leo says that's a great deal and that's why you should always ask neighbors what they get and how they like it.

Watch Jason from Cooper, TX Comments

Jason doesn't like his YouTube channel name and he wants to change it. Google says that if the channel is connected to Google Plus, it can be changed by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name. There's a limit to the number of times it can be changed, though. Jason should click on the user icon at the top of the YouTube page.

Watch Jim from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Jim's LG phone is constantly being filled up. Leo says that's because it's an 8GB phone and the OS itself takes up over half of it. That's why they can give these phones away for free. Nobody really should sell an 8GB phone.

Jim can clear out temp files and get rid of unused apps, then save all of his photos and videos to Google Photos. He can do the same thing for music with Google Play. Ultimately, Jim just needs a phone with a larger storage capacity.

One thought is to add an SD card to the phone, if it supports it, and he can then install apps onto that as well as data. If his phone doesn't have that, he's kind of stuck.

Watch Mark from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Mark wants to get a keyboard for his Android phone. Leo says that any Bluetooth keyboard will work with either Android or iOS. If he wanted to use a wired keyboard, his phone needs to support USB to Go and he would need a special connector. It's a lot easier to go with Bluetooth. Targus makes a good fold up one.

He would also like a report to see what files have been deleted from Carbonite. Leo says that Carbonite won't delete files unless he deletes them locally, which is why they give 30 days to restore them. A backup isn't a backup if he deletes the original.

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Watch Laurie from Napa Valley, CA Comments

Laurie wants to move her TV across from where her cable is. Leo says she can, and she can make the cable as long as she wants, but she shouldn't use a splitter. The better the cable she uses, the better it looks too. Flat cables are for running under the carpet. She'll want low resistance RG59, RG11, or RG6 cables. RG6 is what the cable company uses and it's the best choice.

Laurie should check out for recommendations and descriptions.

Image: © User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Douglas from Long Island, NY Comments

Doug has an old HP computer and he wants to put Linux on it. Leo says he's a huge fan of Linux. It's free, it's a lot easier to use than it used to be, and it's far more secure. It's a great way to learn.

Doug could check out to find the best version for him. Leo prefers Ubuntu, and his favorite is Debian. There's a lower requirement version called XUbuntu which is designed for older machines.

Watch Stan from La Puente, CA Comments

Stan would like to find a Google Nexus 6P. Leo says he can still get them through Google Fi. The Pixel is overpriced. It's a great phone, but too expensive. Stan can get the Nexus 5X for $199.

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Watch Daniel from Riverside, CA Comments

Daniel's PC says "boot device not found" when he turns it on. He checked all the cables and pulled the battery. That only worked once, though. Leo says that the battery is likely starting to fail and if that happens, it won't save the settings in the computer. Daniel should check the BIOS for the Enhanced System Configuration Data (ESCD) and reset it to default. Once that's done, reboot. After that, he may need to reinstall Windows.

Watch Kim from San Diego, CA Comments

Kim is a trader and he's looking for a good computer for around $400. Leo says his use isn't that difficult for processing and viewing the information, so any computer will do. In fact, he doesn't even need a Windows machine. He just needs a good browser. Leo says that the dual monitor requirement may be a challenge, though. He can, however, use a USB driven monitor.

Kim should check out the Dell outlet. He can also get displays there. The Chatroom says Kim can get a Lenovo ThinkPad for $600 with an SSD.

Watch Rob from Long Beach, CA Comments

Rob bought a Motorola Moto G and every time he turns it back on, he gets a ton of ads from Sprint. Leo says that it could be Sprint that's doing it, but they say it's an app virus. Leo says that Amazon sells subsidized devices which would give him Amazon ads. So if Rob bought it from Amazon, he'll get lock screen offers and ads. That doesn't mean he's stuck, though. He can root the phone and put another ROM on it.

Rob should check out XDA Developers for instructions and custom ROMs that will bypass those annoying ads.

Or he can just return it for the one without ads. It'll cost him $50 more, though. One thing he may be able to do is just pay the extra $50 and have Amazon disable the ads. They do that with the Kindle.

Watch Ken from Arkansas Comments

Ken's girlfriend has problems with viruses on her Android phone. They've wiped the phone and they keep coming back. Leo says that unless she's reinstalling an app that is doing it, it's probably part of her backup on Google now. The key is to not restore from the Google Backup. She should download the contacts and calendars, but not the apps. Then reinstall each app separately. Stick with the mainstream apps.

Watch Steven from New Jersey Comments

Steven has a Motorola Droid phone and he has to move over to Sprint. But if he does, he has to get another phone and he doesn't want to lose the great battery life with his Droid. Leo says he doesn't have to get the phone from Sprint. His old Droid is probably carrier locked and if he's paid for it and is in good standing, he can request that they unlock it. Once that's done, he can take it to Sprint. If they refuse, he'll have to get another phone. His choices are going to get more limited because battery life is decreasing. Right now, the iPhone 7 Plus has the best battery life.