What Android phone should I buy?

Episode 1331 (1:40:54)

Pete from Clinton Township, AL
Google Pixel

Pete has a Nexus 6 and is looking to get a new phone. Leo says that there are great phones out there, but he is now recommending to stick with Google and go with the Pixel.

What about the OnePlus? Leo says the One Plus 3 is great, but Pete should avoid the One Plus 2. If price is an issue, Pete could consider the One Plus 3, ZTE Axon 7, or Huawei 8. These are about $400.

Going forward, however, a Google phone will get updates before any other phone, and Google pushes them regularly. Third party carriers and phones won't get updates unless approved by the manufacturer. If money isn't an object, then the Pixel is a great phone and will come with a Siri-like assistant. It will also be pure Android.