Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1331 (21:25)

Scott Wilkinson

Darren's living room is all glass and the only place to put his TV is above the fireplace. Scott isn't much of a fan of that because the viewing angle is hard on the neck. Will it be bad for the TV, though? It shouldn't be affected by heat, because a fireplace is protected from heat transfer into the walls. The chatroom says to take the fireplace out and put the TV there.

What about mounts? Scott says that getting an articulating TV mount would be a good idea, just in case. He'll want one that comes out and down. Leo recommends Leo also says it'll be a challenge to mount and install, so he may want to get a professional to do it or drop it from the ceiling.

What about the OLED route? Scott says that with such a bright room, he really won't want an OLED. He should get an LCD instead. But he'll still have an issue with reflection.