Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1331 (1:58:51)

Dick DeBartolo

The Lumos Lighted Helmet features 28 super bright white LEDs in the front and 22 super bright red LEDs in the rear to provide over 80 lumens of illumination. This should ensure that you will stand out on the road when riding your bike at night. Battery life is around 3 hours when the lights are on solid mode or 6 hours on blinking mode.The helmet takes approximately 2 hours to charge. It also has amber LED turn signals controlled by a remote control on your handle bars, and brake lights. It's run from your mobile device. Included with the helmet is one normal remote and one extended-buttons remote for the turn signals, as well as a remote mount and charging cable. The Lumos will retail for between $149 & $179.00. As of 10/12/16 it was $149.00 on the company website.

- Learn more about Lumos Lighted Helmet (lumoshelmet.co)
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Another cool bike accessory is the RackStand from Montague Bikes. It's a luggage carrier, mudguard, kickstand, and work stand all in one. A quick release allows it to rotate under the rear wheel on a specially designed axle mount. In the lowered position, it acts as a kickstand or workstand. If you have a folding bike, it makes it easier to be stored or displayed upright. RackStand connects to the rear axle on a standard quick release or bolt on hub. A replacement skewer or set of nuts is all that’s needed for attachment. The front attaches to the seat tube and just a push of the lever will allow you to rotate it to the lowered position under the wheel. It comes standard on several Montague Bikes, and should be available soon as an accessory for other brands of bikes and will retail under $100.

- Quick demo (YouTube)
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