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Watch Marilyn from Compton, CA Comments

Marilyn says that her internet carrier is trying to charge her extra for bandwidth. She uses Dish. Leo says that satellite internet has bandwidth caps because it's very constrained. Leo only recommends satellite when there's no other choice. He recommends going to They have ISP reviews by geographic area. If there's nothing else in her area, Marilyn would be much better off going with LTE wireless.

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Watch Darren from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Darren's living room is all glass and the only place to put his TV is above the fireplace. Scott isn't much of a fan of that because the viewing angle is hard on the neck. Will it be bad for the TV though? It shouldn't be affected by heat because a fireplace is protected from heat transfer into the walls. The chatroom says to take the fireplace out and put the TV there.

What about mounts? Scott says that getting an articulating TV mount would be a good idea just in case. He'll want one that comes out and down. Leo recommends going to Leo also says it'll be a challenge to mount and install, so he may want to get a professional to do it or drop it from the ceiling.

What about the going the OLED route? Scott says that with such a bright room, he really won't want an OLED. He should get LCD instead. But you'll still have an issue with reflection.

Watch Ed from Upland, CA Comments

Ed is looking for a strong and cheap cell phone cover. Leo uses a $10 case from Ringke. They always fit and it's cheap. Leo uses a "shell" case on his Android phone. If Ed has issues dropping it, then Leo recommends the Otterbox.

Watch Mark from San Diego, CA Comments

Mark just bought a Dell Inspiron laptop and the hard drive failed almost immediately. Leo says to take it back. Dell will replace it. There's always a certain percentage of hard drives that will simply fail, some right away. As time goes on, they will fail at about 4% a year. So the test isn't whether the hard drive will work out of the box, it's whether Dell will replace it right away, and they will.

What about Mark's data? If it's dead, he can't access the data, and odds are, they'll just destroy it anyway.

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Watch Kevin from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Kevin is looking for a password vault or manager to store all his passwords. Leo says that the best password is long and strong, with random characters, letters, and punctuation symbols. But he'll never remember it. That's why Leo recommends LastPass, which can not only generate the passwords, but also can keep them safe. 1Password is another. This also creates a single point of failure, though. There's nothing wrong with having a notebook that he can write them down in.

Vaults take a bit of getting used to, but once Kevin is, it'll be the best possible system for remembering and protecting his accounts. All he'll need to remember is one password to access his vault.

Watch Greg from Valley Center, CA Comments

Greg is running into issues with music he has downloaded via SoundCloud. He gets errors now that say "invalid file." Leo says those are MP3s, so the Samsung Galaxy S7 should play them just fine. It could be an issue with how the file is saved by the app. SoundCloud enables you to stream in SoundCloud, but not play it with an MP3 player. That may mean a bad download, or saving to a format that his player doesn't recognize, or it may even be copy protection.

The chatroom says that SoundCloud has DRM and if his subscription has lapsed, it won't allow him to play the files. Chances are, they're just a bad download, though. Greg should get a file manager from the Google Play store and analyze it. If it's zero bytes, then obviously there's nothing to play. That can happen, too.

Watch Nick from Covina, CA Comments

Nick wants to buy a hotspot or MiFi card and use wireless as his home internet connection. Leo says if he's in a remote area, then that's a great way to go. He'll have to make sure he has a good package that doesn't include bandwidth caps, though.

Leo likes the Karma Go because it's pay as you go and it uses Sprint. It's not cheap, though at 10gb for $75 and 50GB for $150. Or he can just pay as he goes at $15 a GB. It's a good option. Leo says to just bite the bullet and get a land provider. DSLExtreme is the best option there.

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Watch Jim from Temecula, CA Comments

Jim's dad gets bit by malware often and has to wipe his hard drive several times a year. How can he stay protected? Leo says a great option is to get him a Chromebook. They're more secure, simpler to use, and if all he's doing is surfing and email then a Chromebook is ideal.

What about using Office 365? Leo says that there's Office for Web and Google Docs to cover that. Now it's possible to use Android apps on the Chromebook, too. Samsung's new Chromebook is about $500. He can also get a Chromebox and use it with a large screen. There are all-in-ones, and Mac Mini style computer boxes that he could attach to a display.

Watch Pete from Clinton Township, AL Comments

Pete has a Nexus 6 and is looking to get a new phone. Leo says that there are great phones out there, but he is now recommending to stick with Google and go with the Pixel.

What about the OnePlus? Leo says the One Plus 3 is great, but Pete should avoid the One Plus 2. If price is an issue, Pete could consider the One Plus 3, ZTE Axon 7, or Huawei 8. These are about $400.

Going forward, however, a Google phone will get updates before any other phone, and Google pushes them regularly. Third party carriers and phones won't get updates unless approved by the manufacturer. If money isn't an object, then the Pixel is a great phone and will come with a Siri-like assistant. It will also be pure Android.

Watch Ricardo from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Ricardo got an Amazon Echo for his birthday and he loves it. He's wondering how smart it can get, though. Leo says it can play music, get the weather, and hundreds of other information gathering techniques based on Echo "recipes." It's getting smarter. Artificial intelligence, thanks to machine learning, is growing by leaps and bounds, except for Siri on the Apple platform. Siri is actually getting dumber because Apple values privacy more than gathering the data needed to make it smarter.

The Echo has multiple microphones in order to hear you anywhere in the house when using the trigger word "Hey Echo." It then sends that data to Amazon to analyze and process the request.

Watch Jerry from Indio, CA Comments

Jerry tried to upgrade to Windows 10 and it got stuck and now he can't turn it on. Leo says that is a common problem and the Microsoft Store can fix it. Jerry didn't complete the upgrade before the free window expired, though. Leo recommends contacting Microsoft and explain that the got upgrade stuck and he needs to clear it and get the free upgrade.