Will my Galaxy Note 7 replacement explode?

Episode 1330 (1:45:34)

Evan from Los Angeles, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Evan chose to replace his Note 7 with the fixed version and he's heard of several that have already caught fire. Leo says we don't know all the details, but it's not worth risking. Verizon has said they will take back the replacement for a refund and Leo advises Evan jump on that ASAP. Why take a chance? Leo is rapidly coming to the opinion that the only Android phone to have is the Google Android Phone: Pixel. But at $1,000 for 128GB, it's a bit pricey.

While he's at it, why not sign up for Google Fi? He will then have access to three different networks (Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular). He'll get free overseas data. It's pay as you go too.