What laptop should I buy?

Episode 1330 (52:32)

Les from Anaheim, CA
Dell Chromebook 13

Les has an older PC and he's having issues accessing his data. He's looking to get a new PC -- should he get a desktop or laptop? He uses Photoshop a lot. Leo says that Photoshop is available on both Mac or PC. Les is on a budget so a Mac is out. What about a Chromebook? Leo says that a Chromebook is great because he could use Android apps now. There are Android apps that are just as capable of photo editing as Photoshop. Snapseed, for instance.

The Dell Chromebook is a good one. He can get a very good one for $500. Acer makes a good low cost Chromebook for around $350. But he should remember, he'll get what he pays for. The cheaper it is, the cheaper the parts they use and the less support it will have. Les could also look at Dell's refurbished site to save some money.