Sony PlayStation VR Comes Out this Week

Episode 1330 (09:19)

Sony PlayStation VR

The Sony PlayStation VR comes out this week. If you have a PlayStation 4, all you'll need is the headset, Move controllers, and camera. It'll be the easiest way yet to get into virtual reality gaming. Leo has tried all of the virtual reality headsets, and so far he hasn't found any to be exciting for very long. He does think that as companies evolve the technology, we may see something miraculous years down the road.

Leo's advice is, if you already have a PlayStation 4, it might be worth getting the VR headset to go with it. The Sony PlayStation VR is a little easier because it's meant to be played sitting down as well. It's not quite there yet, though, so it's not necessary to be the first one on the block with it.

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