How can I use a monitor with the Kangaroo PC?

Episode 1330 (1:58:54)

Donna from Buena Park, CA
Kangaroo PC

Donna bought the $96 Kangaroo as a replacement for her old Windows PC that died. It's been a great PC for Donna, but she doesn't know how to use her VGA monitor with it because it doesn't have a VGA port. She said that they came out with a dock to solve this problem, but the dock isn't sold separately and only comes with the pro version. She currently has it connected to an HDTV, which isn't designed for computing.

Leo says she could get a cheap $80 monitor that would have an HDMI port. Or she could even use an iPad as a monitor with it.

The chatroom recommends looking at Monoprice for inexpensive monitors.