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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil has been hanging on to the iPhone 6S, but he decided to get the iPhone 7 anyway. Leo took his on a cruise along with his Leica camera and he says it competed well with it. Neil wants to know how to get the most out of his camera on the iPhone. Leo says that the built-in Apple camera app has matured to the point that it's the best of the bunch now. Leo doesn't see the need for other camera apps. The built-in app will always have the edge over the others because it will be the first, and perhaps the only, to have the new features that Apple implements. For instance, it will likely be the only app that will take advantage of Apple's new upcoming 'Portrait' mode.

If Neil wants a third party app to try, though, Camera+ is a good option.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard has downloaded the TuneIn app, where he downloads podcasts and then listens to his phone. His stereo system doesn't support the mp4 stream, though. Leo says it shouldn't because mp4 is video. He can save audio as that, but it's not very widely supported. He'd have to reencode it to listen to it.

Leo advises just streaming it live. That way the phone can handle the encoding, not the car stereo. Leo also suggests going Bluetooth instead of the USB connection, if he can.

Watch Ed from Charlotte, NC Comments

Ed is looking to upgrade his monitors, and he plans to spend $150 to $200 per monitor. Leo says the biggest change in monitors now is size. A 21" monitor nowadays is small. Typical monitors now are 27" and up. Monitors are also widescreen now. Leo would look at the Dell monitors. Dell has a range, and the more he spends the "better" the monitor is in terms of color accuracy. So Leo would recommend the inexpensive Dell monitors. He'll probably get an LCD IGZO panel. Ed should look for higher resolutions too, like 2880x1440.

Ed wants to plug his friend's podcast as well. The show is called RESET by Dave McCabe.

Watch Graham from London, England Comments

Graham is worried about the lithium-ion batteries that phones use. Leo says that everything uses lithium-ion these days. In the Tesla, they have protected the car by putting titanium barriers between the lithium-ion batteries and the rest of the car. They are dangerous if punctured because they will instantly catch fire.

(Image By Dmitry G (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons)

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Watch Luis from San Diego, CA Comments

Luis has a second generation Mac Mini and the hard drive crashed. The repair techs want to charge him $350 to replace it. Leo says that's nuts, and he can do it it himself. Macs require special tools to open it up, though, because they use friction to keep things together.

iFixIt is a great site for learning how to do this. They will walk him through the process and even have the proper tools to do the job. Another option is Other World Computing. They offer videos on how to fix his Mac.

Watch Les from Anaheim, CA Comments

Les has an older PC and he's having issues accessing his data. He's looking to get a new PC -- should he get a desktop or laptop? He uses Photoshop a lot. Leo says that Photoshop is available on both Mac or PC. Les is on a budget so a Mac is out. What about a Chromebook? Leo says that a Chromebook is great because he could use Android apps now. There are Android apps that are just as capable of photo editing as Photoshop. Snapseed, for instance.

The Dell Chromebook is a good one. He can get a very good one for $500. Acer makes a good low cost Chromebook for around $350. But he should remember, he'll get what he pays for. The cheaper it is, the cheaper the parts they use and the less support it will have. Les could also look at Dell's refurbished site to save some money.

Watch Alex from Sacramento, CA Comments

Alex has been told that Google Photos isn't really unlimited for original photos. Leo says that's correct, but they're pretty darn good. Google is also offering unlimited original backup if you buy a Pixel Phone and the images are taken with it. How does Google tell the difference? Leo says it's probably in metadata. Alex is also wondering if it's unlimted original JPEGs or original RAW? That is unknown. It's very confusing and Google should clear it up.

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Watch Stan from Colton, CA Comments

Stan can't print from Word, but he can print from everything else. Leo says that it sounds a bad install with Word. The only real solution to that is to uninstall and reinstall Word. There is a repair utility that comes with Word, so he could try that. If that doesn't work, then reinstalling is his best bet.

From the chatroom, there is a link to troubleshoot printing problems in word at

Watch Natalie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Natalie broke the screen on her Samsung Galaxy S7 and she can't get the information off. How can she backup her data? Leo says she can get a Samsung USB to Go adapter that would allow her to host other devices.

The chatroom says that Samsung has software called Kies that will allow the user to backup a device via USB.

Watch Frank from Monrovia, CA Comments

Frank is having issues with Windows 10. Applications, especially Windows Live Mail, are disappearing from the task bar. Leo says that Windows Live Mail has become "depricated," with the end of life in January. Sounds like it's time to go with another mail client. Frank is with Verizon and that usually means he'd have Yahoo or Frontier mail. Leo recommends using Gmail, though. Then he can use Thunderbird by Mozilla instead of Live Mail. Or he can just use Gmail's browser client.

Once Frank signs up for Gmail, he can set it up to fetch his Yahoo Mail and sort it, so he can continue to keep Yahoo Mail active while he weans everyone off it.

Watch Evan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Evan chose to replace his Note 7 with the fixed version and he's heard of several that have already caught fire. Leo says we don't know all the details, but it's not worth risking. Verizon has said they will take back the replacement for a refund and Leo advises Evan jump on that ASAP. Why take a chance? Leo is rapidly coming to the opinion that the only Android phone to have is the Google Android Phone: Pixel. But at $1,000 for 128GB, it's a bit pricey.

While he's at it, why not sign up for Google Fi? He will then have access to three different networks (Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular). He'll get free overseas data. It's pay as you go too.

Watch Donna from Buena Park, CA Comments

Donna updated her iPad and iPhone with iOS 10 and now she's lost all her text replacement options. Leo says it should be in her iCloud backup. Leo thinks that iOS 10 wiped it out and then backed up her phone afterwards. So in the future, she should make sure she makes a backup of her devices on her computer with iTunes before she updates.

Watch Donna from Buena Park, CA Comments

Donna bought the $96 Kangaroo as a replacement for her old Windows PC that died. It's been a great PC for Donna, but she doesn't know how to use her VGA monitor with it because it doesn't have a VGA port. She said that they came out with a dock to solve this problem, but the dock isn't sold separately and only comes with the pro version. She currently has it connected to an HDTV, which isn't designed for computing.

Leo says she could get a cheap $80 monitor that would have an HDMI port. Or she could even use an iPad as a monitor with it.

The chatroom recommends looking at Monoprice for inexpensive monitors.