Should I buy my son a Chromebook?

Episode 1329 (1:36:44)

Lisa from Costa Mesa, CA
Acer Chromebook

Lisa got a Chromebook. Leo says that those are great for what she wants to do and they're much less complex. Now her son wants one for school, but he's looking at a Cloudbook. Leo says not to get that! It's a Windows version of the Chromebook. Sure, it's attractive for Office 365 included for a year, but it's nothing but a cheap Windows machine.

Chromebooks are far better. Lisa's son doesn't need Windows 10 because he can use Google Docs. They are also less expensive because they don't need higher end hardware. Acer makes them. Amazon's number one selling computer is a Chromebook and they've outsold Apple Macs.

Another reason is that Google has just added access to the Android store to Chromebooks, so there's some fantastic apps to run it. Chromebooks are secure, safe, and flexible. If anything goes wrong, you can "powerwash" it back to the day you bought it. So get the one that supports the Google Play store.