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Watch Jeff from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jeff is looking at an LG 43" 4K TV with WebOS. Leo says that LG makes excellent TVs. 43" is kind of small for watching, though, especially for sports. If he can afford to go larger, Leo says he should. It all comes down to the "spousal acceptance factor." Would it be better in a dark room or lighter room? Leo says that LCDs are better in rooms where he can't control the lighting.

Watch Mary from North Dakota Comments

Mary added a second hard drive and it won't spin up. Leo says it's likely that her power supply isn't rated to drive two spinning hard drives. She could replace the power supply first, or try an SSD, as they take up less power. If those two don't solve the issue, then she's looking at a motherboard issue, but that's unlikely.

(Image By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons)

Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

John is getting a message that he's running out of drive space, but he has over 200GB of "other." Where is all that space going? Leo advises using a great program called Disc Inventory X. It will tell him exactly what the storage files are and it'll be color coded for ease of use.

Leo suspects a lot of it is cache and temp files that he doesn't need. Here's a good article on iMore that shows step by step how to clean it all out. It recommends Daisy Disc as a utility. Another good application is OnyX.

Watch Leif from Winnepeg, Canada Comments

Leif's iPhone is filling up and it has 128GB of storage! How can he clear it out? Leo says to use the cloud backup on the iPhone. It should manage that. Leo also recommends getting Google Photos and backing up all of his photos. He can get unlimited high quality backup and then he can delete them from his phone. There's even a setting for that.

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Watch Ricky from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Ricky thinks his Triple Play package is just too expensive. What is the best provider for internet, cable, and telephone? Leo says that the only real advantage of a Triple Play package is that he'd get one bill. For a phone service, he prefers real phone service because in the event of a disaster, the plain old telephone service will continue to operate. Leo advises going to because they will give him the best ratings on what is the best coverage and reliability. Leo also recommends talking to neighbors.

Watch Henry from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Henry wants a good book to learn the ins and outs of Windows 10. Leo says that Paul Thurrott's Window's 10 Field Guide is very complete. There's a lot of stuff in it and it's meant for computer literate people looking to get the most out of Windows.

Watch Dave from Hollywood Hills, CA Comments

Dave feels like his computer is possessed. After awhile, it just goes crazy on him. It's an old Mac and runs OS X Lion. Leo says that the problem may be a messed up keyboard or mouse. A 10 year old mac is long past the time to get a new one and there's new refreshed Macs coming next month. He can also get a refurbished one from Apple and save a few hundred bucks.

Watch Doug from New York, NY Comments

Doug is looking at the Ricoh Theta 360. Doug has the Theta and wonders if there's a better stitcher than Ricoh's. Leo says that he'll need a stitcher to put together the two fisheye images into a spherical presentation. But Doug wants to take himself out of the image. Leo says that's part of the fun of it! There's no real way he can remove himself from the image unless he goes with the 180 degree mode. Leo says he used to use the Theta but now he's into the Samsung VR 360 camera. It has a much higher resolution camera.

Watch Barry from Northridge, CA Comments

Barry replaced his defective Note 7 and he's happy. He's still concerned that the issue may persist, though. Leo says that all phones have that potential, but they have circuitry to prevent it. He doesn't know why it happened and Samsung did the right thing by pushing out a replacement, but Samsung hasn't been forthcoming about what was causing the overheating and catching fire. Leo returned his and while he thinks it's a great phone, he's not getting another one until Samsung comes clean.

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Watch Cindy from Ventura, CA Comments

Cindy got a new phone and she wants to keep her phone number. Leo says that she can go to her carrier and she'll have the right to move her phone number, even if she goes to a different carrier. It could be as easy as moving her SIM card over. Cindy should just go to her carrier's store and ask them to do it.

Watch Abraham from Banning, CA Comments

Abraham wants to add an external monitor to his laptop and have two screens. Leo says he should have a setting in Windows 10 that will allow him to mirror or extend the screen. If he has a connector for it, it should read it. All he'll have to do is tell the laptop how he wants it.

Watch Lisa from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Lisa got a Chromebook. Leo says that those are great for what she wants to do and they're much less complex. Now her son wants one for school, but he's looking at a Cloudbook. Leo says not to get that! It's a Windows version of the Chromebook. Sure, it's attractive for Office 365 included for a year, but it's nothing but a cheap Windows machine.

Chromebooks are far better. Lisa's son doesn't need Windows 10 because he can use Google Docs. They are also less expensive because they don't need higher end hardware. Acer makes them. Amazon's number one selling computer is a Chromebook and they've outsold Apple Macs.

Another reason is that Google has just added access to the Android store to Chromebooks, so there's some fantastic apps to run it. Chromebooks are secure, safe, and flexible. If anything goes wrong, you can "powerwash" it back to the day you bought it. So get the one that supports the Google Play store.

Watch Marty from Anaheim, CA Comments

Marty has a Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone and after an update, he can't send pictures to anyone because of a "message size limit reached" error. What can he do other than a hard reset to get it fixed?

Leo says that the limit isn't set by Samsung, it's limited by Verizon. So even if he resets the phone, he'll have the same problem. It should automatically squeeze it down, though. Leo says to check XDA-Developers Forum. There are a ton of forum posts about it. Leo also suspects that it wasn't the update that did it, but Verizon.

Watch Katrina from Trinity, TX Comments

Trinity wants to understand the so-called "smart TV." Leo says all that means is that she can stream video from the internet as well as watch from cable or antenna. She'll have to have a good internet connection to do that, though. If all she is doing is streaming, she won't get the live broadcasting options like sports, news and awards. If she has line of sight to a transmitter site, she can get an antenna and that will give her what she's missing from live TV.