Why isn't my iPad syncing to my PC?

Episode 1328 (1:28:23)

Lori from Napa Valley, CA
Apple iPad Air 2

Lori is having a problem with her iPad 2. She syncs it over Wi-Fi, but lately when she tries to plug it in to her PC, it won't let her sync. It just requests to restore to a backup. Jason says that the PC is looking at the iPad as if it's a new one and can't identify it. Updating iTunes on the PC and iOS on the iPad could help. The iPad 2 doesn't support iOS 10, though. She may be at the end of the line there. If it offers to set it up as a new iPad, that may be OK, as it pulls the data off the iPad and syncs it. That can be scary, so Lori should have iCloud backup enabled. If the Wi-Fi sync is failing, then it's a related problem. She should do an iCloud backup first.

Another option is to reset her settings. Don't erase it, but clear out the settings so that the PC could maybe see it again. She should also look under settings to see what's syncing and how. She can find that under Contacts.