Is there a better media option than CDs?

Episode 1328 (2:07:48)

Louie from Orange County, CA
Super Audio CD

Louie wants to know if there's a higher quality CD for audio. Scott says that SACD or Super Audio CD is one. It was meant to succeed CD, but online music distribution pretty much killed it. He can still get them online and they do offer better audio specs than CDs do. How do they compare to Blu-ray audio? It's just a different technology, with Blu-ray audio using PCM to store a lot more data, while SACD uses DSD. Blu-ray audio has better specs up to 24 bits, while CD audio is 18bits. He can also get greater dynamic and frequency range.

Louie wants to know if he should buy the Andrew Jones speakers for his high power amps. Scott says he can't go wrong with Andrew Jones products. He works for ELAC now and the speakers that they make are super great and not very expensive.