Should I upgrade my TV for the XBox One S?

Episode 1328 (1:45:22)

James from Redlands, CA
Xbox One S

James has an older 1080p HDTV and wonders if he should upgrade it if he buys the XBox One S. Scott says not really. If his TV is 1080p at 120 hz, that's a nice TV. Scott believes that the XBox One S just upscales to 4K, and doesn't show native 4K. It can play true 4K Blu-ray, though. So it depends on how badly he wants to watch 4K. If he does, then he should upgrade it all. If not, then there's no point.

What about speakers? Speakers in a TV are terrible. Manufacturers figure that the buyer will have a home theater system or soundbar. So don't be in a hurry to upgrade unless he really wants to. Then if he does, he may as well upgrade the XBox One S as well.

James has an Android phone and his fiance has an iPhone. How can they video conference? Jason says that Google's new Duo app is the way to go.