What's a good HDR 4K TV for under $1500?

Episode 1327 (1:27:02)

Charles from Ontario, Canada
Vizio P-Series 55" TV

Charles is looking for an HDR capable Samsung TV. Scott says that the KS series are definitely Ultra HD Premium. What is 'HDR compatible' mean? Scott says HDR Compatible means it can take the HDR signal, but it may not display it in HDR. HDR Capable can do that, however. So he has to be cautious of marketing speak.

What's the best 4K TV for under $1500? Scott says it's Vizio hands down. The P-Series includes a 55" TV for $1500. It uses an IPS panel with a wider viewing angle. Scott says the 60" is better for colors at $2,000, though. The M-Series is a step down, but it also supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. He could even go for the 75" for about $3500 and that's not bad either.