Should I wait to buy a 4K TV?

Episode 1327 (28:13)

Leo from Anaheim, CA
Vizio 2016 P-Series TV

Leo wants to know if he should wait until February (Super Bowl time) to get his 4K TV. He's noticed there still isn't that much content out there. Scott says that's true. It's comparable to when HD first came out and most people were watching upscaled TV until the content caught up. Leo can get HD streaming and at least 720p broadcast, and of course Blu-ray discs. Now that we're moving into 4K, it's still going to take awhile for 4K content to come out, and even then TV broadcasts won't catch up for awhile, if ever. Broadcast HD looks even better than cable if he has a good signal, though.

4K/UHD will use ATSC 3.0. Currently, we're using ATSC 1.0. So that standard hasn't been deployed yet, and it isn't even completed yet. ATSC 3 promises to be more efficient with its codecs and compression and it could help push broadcasters towards 4K and beyond. NHK in Japan wants to broadcast the 2020 Olympics in 8K. The landscape could be dramatically different in a few years.