How can I get certified to calibrate in HDR?

Episode 1327 (1:34:50)

JC from Mississippi

JC has clients who are buying HDR TVs and sound systems. He usually gets called to calibrate stuff, and he needs to know where he could be trained in HDR. Scott says there are two places: Imaging Science Foundation and then THX. Scott has taken both courses and they are very good.

SpectraCal is the software that most people use for calibration and they have a link for training on how to use their product. Also, Michael Chan at TLVEXP.CA, has a series of videos on how to calibrate in HDR affordably. Those are good places to start. He'll also need a meter, like a colorimeter or a spectroradiometer (which is more expensive). He should expect to spend at least $1,000 if he's doing it professionally.