Why are the graphics on my PC getting large right before it crashes?

Episode 1326 (10:49)

Dave from Canyon Lake, CA

Dave upgraded to a Windows 10 Acer PC and his graphics are too large. Then it crashes, causing him to have to reboot. Leo says that's a common video driver issue. Leo says Dave needs to make sure he has the latest drivers from Acer. What Dave needs to do is figure out which video card he has, whether it's a dedicated video card or an integrated video card. He should look in the Device Manager to see the list of hardware. Then once he has that information, he should go to the Acer website and download the drivers. It could be via video card or machine model number. Another option is the dedicated video card manufacturer, probably NVidia. Acer may also have an auto update program that does it.

Dave also has a browser hijacker on both Chrome and Internet Explorer. Leo also suspects that Dave may have some malware on his system, and if that's the case, all he can do is backup his data, wipe the drive, and reinstall Windows. Once he's done that, Leo advises making an image of the drive so if it happens again, he can replace it quite easily. It's like a "freeze dried copy" of the system as is. Then, if he gets bit again, he can just recover from the image and he'll be back up in minutes.

Imaging options include: