Where can I get a good deal on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

Episode 1325 (51:55)

Eric from Lake Forest, CA
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Eric is looking to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for his wife. Leo says it's a really nice phone and since it's a bit older, he can get it for a good price. Is $795 good? Leo says that's $50 less than when it was introduced. He saw it at $650 unlocked. Leo says since Eric is with Verizon, he'll have to get it supported by them. Leo advises going to Amazon Wireless. He could shop around, but the question is, will Verizon support it? Leo also advises Expansys.

There's a 32GB in black for $601.99*, and titanium for $610.99*. Both through Amazon.

*Prices have changed since the recording of the Tech Guy show. Prices above are listed as of 9/26/16.