Is the Panasonic Toughbook a good computer?

Episode 1325 (1:26:48)

Von from Beverly Hills, CA
Panasonic Toughbook

Von wants to know if the Panasonic Toughbook is legit. Leo says they're not only legit, they're MilSpec, which is the toughest standard there is. The tradeoff is that they're pretty heavy. One alternative is the Dell XPS. It's not nearly as durable as a toughbook, but it's a solid laptop. Just don't drive over it.

Von has also gone through three iPhones in a year. One was his own fault. He wound up switching to an LG Vista. Leo says that LG makes a great phone. The G5 is very nice and a great upgrade. The G5 was also the first to do the dual camera array like the iPhone 7.