Will resetting my iPhone speed it up?

Episode 1324 (10:49)

Josh from Wichita Falls, TX
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Josh has an iPhone 6s Plus and he's thinking that it's been slowing down lately. Should he wipe the phone and start over to get it to run faster? Leo says that he can, but it really won't help much. He can backup his phone and then restore it. Apple has changed the process and the apps have to redownloaded and installed, though. An older phone may have the need to wipe and speed up, but a newer phone like the 6s Plus shouldn't need it.

Josh is also complaining that the camera stutters for a second before he can take a picture. Leo says it happens in the iPhone 7 too. You'd think that iOS 10 would have solved that, but it hasn't. It even does it on Android, so iPhone isn't alone with that. This usually is only an issue when launching the camera for the first time in awhile.