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Watch Ann from El Cajon, CA Comments

Ann tries to print something and it seems to be dead. It won't send the file to the printer. She gets an error message that Leo says is a trackpad error. But there's another error that says printer off line. Leo says that means it still thinks it's jammed. And windows has stopped the device because of continual problems. Leo says that could point to the trackpad failure. It's definitely a hardware issue. But Leo advises uninstalling the printer and then reboot the computer. Then try reinstalling it. See if that frees it up to print. If that doesn't work, then you should take your computer into have a look for a hardware issue. But backup your data first.

Watch Josh from Wichita Falls, TX Comments

Josh has an iPhone 6s Plus and he's thinking that it's been slowing down lately. Should he wipe the phone and start over to get it to run faster? Leo says that he can, but it really won't help much. He can backup his phone and then restore it. Apple has changed the process and the apps have to redownloaded and installed, though. An older phone may have the need to wipe and speed up, but a newer phone like the 6s Plus shouldn't need it.

Josh is also complaining that the camera stutters for a second before he can take a picture. Leo says it happens in the iPhone 7 too. You'd think that iOS 10 would have solved that, but it hasn't. It even does it on Android, so iPhone isn't alone with that. This usually is only an issue when launching the camera for the first time in awhile.

Watch Josh from Wichita Falls, TX Comments

Josh wants to be able to still watch videos on his iPhone 7 while charging, but he's had latency issues with wireless audio in the past. What can he do to be able to still listen to audio and charge his phone at the same time without the latency problems? One solution is to get the $40 Belkin dongle, which plugs into the Lightning port and has a port for charging and headphones simultaneously. The audio that comes out of the Lightning port is still analog audio, which is the same as the old headphone jack.

Watch Jerry from Riverside, CA Comments

Jerry wants a body camera that he can wear all the time. It doesn't have to record all the time, but he'd like be able to turn it on as he needs. Leo says that he just got the Xiaomi YiCam 4K for $250. It has an LCD screen on the back to review footage on the fly.

Jerry can get a wide variety of mounts to put it just about anywhere. GoPro is another option, though it's a little more expensive. He can add a 200GB microSD card and at 720p he'll get 9.5 hours of recording time.

Watch Jerry from San Marcos, CA Comments

Jerry is looking to get a new mobile phone but he doesn't really need a smart phone. Leo says what Jerry is looking for is a "feature phone." It just makes phone calls. The chatroom says that Verizon Wireless offers the Revere for $50.

Watch David from Burbank, CA Comments

David is trying to find an antivirus for Windows 7. Leo says that Microsoft's own Security Essentials (or Defender, depending on the version) is sufficient, and it's free. The problem is that viruses are usually coming out so fast (called zero day exploits) that you can get infected before the AntiVirus finds it and removes it. Then the viruses are often attached to a system file and it renders the computer unusable. Even security experts put antivirus low on the list of things to do to prevent infection.

The ultimate protection is your online behavior. Here are some steps to protect yourself from viruses and malware:

1. Operate as a limited user instead. Add an account as an administrator and then demote your existing account to limited user. This will stop over 90% of all the exploits out there.
2. Stop using Internet Explorer. Go with Google Chrome. It's free and far more secure.
3. Don't click on links in email.
4. Only get your software from original vendors.
5. If you use one, keep antivirus software up to date.
6. Stop using Java.
7. Use a password vault like LastPass.
8. Turn on second factor authentication.

Vigilance is your best protection. Ultimately, though, if you're a target for hackers, it'll be almost impossible to protect yourself. In February, Kevin Roose from Fusion dared two expert hackers to hack him. He wound up getting tricked by an email that they sent him, and they were able to take over his computer's camera, microphone, and even his speakers. Read the full article at

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Watch Frank from Newark, CA Comments

Frank wants to know how he can keep his Bluetooth dongle connection longer. He'll be listening to music and it times out after a few seconds when idle. Leo says that the dongle doesn't really have an interface and it's likely hard coded onto the board. The only real option there is to get a better dongle.

Watch Dennis from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Dennis backs up to iCloud with his mobile phone but when he wants to get his file back from the cloud, it takes forever. Leo says he has to realize that videos are huge, and take up a lot of bandwidth. Especially in HD. He shouldn't just rely on iCloud, though. Google Photos is free and it will automatically backup his images and videos in the cloud, and it's unlimited.

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Watch Steven from San Marcos, CA Comments

Steven is concerned that facial recognition on Google Photos will be used to stalk people. Leo says that Google does limit the facial recognition to only the user's personal feed. Of course that doesn't stop law enforcement and other government entities from being able to do it. Leo suspects that the technology will eventually get out there, though.

Watch Gina from Winnetka, CA Comments

Gina bought an Acer Aspire R running Windows 10. She's having trouble with the screen freezing when she uses it with her Steno Recorder. Leo says that there could be a flaw in the motherboard that's causing the crash. Leo says that based on Gina's description, she'll need to take it back, but they may require her to reload Windows first. Leo advises backing up her data, and wiping the drive. Then she can reinstall Windows from a known source. If it the problem persists, it's a hardware issue.

Watch Marlene from San Pedro, CA Comments

Marlene has been through 3 iPhones and she is constantly having issues being able to hear her calls after 15 minutes. Leo says it's unlikely that it's a phone issue since it happens from phone to phone. Leo suspects that it's an issue with her wireless carrier (T-Mobile). The SIM card could also be the culprit. If she's replaced that, then it's still a mystery.

In the Chatroom, one member says he has the same issue with MetroPCS which uses the T-Mobile network. So it has to be T-Mobile. If they can't fix it, they may not cop to it.

One thing Marlene can try is a cell phone diagnostic code on the mobile phone. She should do a Google search for it. That may help her to diagnose the issue.

Watch Charles from Coulton, CA Comments

Charles is thinking of getting a computer with Linux. Should he buy one? Leo says that Dell does offer computers with Linux under Project Sputnik. So if he needs a new computer, that's the way to go. He doesn't have to buy one, though. He can install Ubuntu on an older computer for free. XUbuntu and Lubuntu are designed for older, slower hardware.

Another interesting one is Elementary OS. It's designed to make Ubuntu super user friendly. Debian is another good option, and if he's more hardcore, he could try Arch.

Watch Jack from Louisiana Comments

Jack wants to start a vlog on motocycles. He bought a GoPro Session for it, but he can't record audio to it. So he's looking for an external recorder that he can sync to. Leo says his smartphone will work for that. He could get the Rode Reporter and Rode Rec app. All he'll need at that point is to get an external mic with adapter for the phone.

Another app option is Auphonic, which will upload to the cloud and he can edit in the cloud as well. He can upload 2 hours of audio every month for free.

Another option is the Zoom portable recorder. The Zoom H1 is a great entry level handy recorder and it comes with a line in.

Watch Bernie from Reseda, CA Comments

Bernie wants to know about antivirus. What does he need? Leo says that Microsoft's free version that comes with Windows will do the job just as good as any other, and it's free. But it can't stop zero day exploits. So his number one line of defense is his own behavior online.