Are there any laptops with removable hard drives?

Episode 1323 (1:18:03)

Mark from Vienna, VA

Mark says that iTunes' user interface is horrible, and with iTunes 11, he can't get rid of a podcast. When he deletes it, iTunes reloads it! Leo says that other people report that it's deleting their music! So it's very manic. Mark says that iTunes won't load the playlists onto an iPad Nano because it deletes the media in the playlist. Leo says that is a known bug and it baffles Leo as to why Apple hasn't fixed that bug.

Mark is also interested in getting a new laptop and wants something similar to the Dell D630 because he can change out the hard drive really easily. Leo says that's an older laptop and back then, you could update your hard drive and even the battery. Those days are gone because laptops have gotten so thin that they are practically welded together. You can't really update the hardware. Leo advises laptops with fast external ports like Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.1. That would be much easier and he can just swap out hard drives by unplugging them.