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Episode 1323 September 17, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch John from Long Beach, Ca Comments

John wants to know if he can get an older iTunes Pro 7 version to work on his MacBook Pro. It's easier to use. Leo says that iTunes has become awful and it really needs to be redone from the ground up. It's just plain unintuitive and broken. Apple does offer older versions at The oldest he can get is iTunes 9.2.1, though.

There are alternatives to iTunes, such as Vox, Media Monkey, VLC, and JRiver. But Vox is really the best of the bunch because it's very simple. Check out other alternatives to iTunes at

Watch Melissa from California Comments

Melissa is in the market for a new car and wants to sync her phone to it. Leo says that the trend for modern car design is that auto manufacturers are designing their entertainment systems around the phone, creating a portal, rather than a standard stereo system. That way, when she gets a newer phone, she'll get an upgrade of her system. Navigation from the phone also syncs into the car. Apple's CarPlay is available in over 100 different car models now.

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Watch Scott from Boulder, CO Comments

Scott is getting a lot of RoboCalls. How can he stop them? Leo says that one service is called NoMo Robo. It's $5 a month and people in the chatroom say it works great.

Watch Dennis from Marina Del Rey Comments

Dennis needs to buy a printer and a cell phone. He had an Epson Artisan, but it's broken. He really doesn't have to print more than 50 pages a year. Leo likes the new Epson EcoTank printer because they have a tank of ink that'll last years and for light duty printing they're ideal because they don't clog over time. If he runs out of colors, it'll still print in black and white. Another option is a laser printer. He can get one for under $100 and it doesn't matter how long he goes in between print jobs.

As for cellphones, Leo says he likes the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It's a bigger screen with a smaller bezel. September 21st they'll be back on the market with fixed phones.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Kenny from Virginia Comments

Kenny wants to get an iPhone 7. Leo says that the Verizon version isn't locked thanks to a deal with the FCC. So he can put a SIM card in it and use it with any other carrier. He'll have to activate it first, though. The problem is that Apple isn't selling unlocked phones until a few months later, so if he buys an iPhone, he has to choose a carrier. The T-Mobile phone does not have to be activated with T-Mobile and Leo's AT&T iPhone worked with a T-Mobile SIM. So if he looks beyond the marketing, he can see the reality.

Watch David from Phoenix, AZ Comments

David wants to know how malware effects reinstalling apps. Leo says that once he strips off the malware, he'll have to reinstall his apps. The only way to be sure that he's eliminated the malware is to backup his data, wipe his drive and reinstall Windows. How about an image of the drive? As long as he has a clean image, he could use that. If his computer has malware when he makes the image, he'll just restore the malware. Leo would wipe the drive, reinstall everything, update it all, and then make an image.

Imaging options include:

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Watch Mark from Vienna, VA Comments

Mark says that iTunes' user interface is horrible, and with iTunes 11, he can't get rid of a podcast. When he deletes it, iTunes reloads it! Leo says that other people report that it's deleting their music! So it's very manic. Mark says that iTunes won't load the playlists onto an iPad Nano because it deletes the media in the playlist. Leo says that is a known bug and it baffles Leo as to why Apple hasn't fixed that bug.

Mark is also interested in getting a new laptop and wants something similar to the Dell D630 because he can change out the hard drive really easily. Leo says that's an older laptop and back then, you could update your hard drive and even the battery. Those days are gone because laptops have gotten so thin that they are practically welded together. You can't really update the hardware. Leo advises laptops with fast external ports like Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.1. That would be much easier and he can just swap out hard drives by unplugging them.

Watch George from Houston, TX Comments

George says that Comcast is pestering him to change his modem. Leo says that he'll want a faster DOCSIS 3 modem anyway, so if he's paying for a modem, he may as well get a modern one. Chances are, when he got it, it was probably already outdated. George should make sure he requests a DOCSIS 3 modem.