Why can't I get my photos off my camera with my computer?

Episode 1322 (15:08)

Dorothy from San Francisco, CA

Dorothy is having issues getting images off her digital camera. Leo says the first thing to do is make sure the cable she's using is OK. A bad cable or connector is always the first thing to try replacing. Next, she should get a memory card reader and take the SD card out of the camera. It could be a USB driver, but it's unlikely if her wireless mouse and keyboard are still working. One way to test is to plug in a USB thumbdrive. If that works, then she knows it isn't the USB drivers. Dorothy should make sure her camera is being seen as a hard drive (known as MTP). If she can see the camera on her desktop, she can open it like a hard drive or folder, then navigate to the DCIM folder and drag and drop them to it.

Leo recommends reinstalling the Fuji FinePix software as well. It could be that when she removed it, it broke the connectivity. She should try another disc in her CD drive and see if that works. If so, she'll know it was a bad disc.

Leo also thinks that AutoPlay got turned off. She should press the Windows Key, then type "settings." Hit the Return key, then go to Devices > AutoPlay and then turn it on. Select the option to ask every time.