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Episode 1322 September 11, 2016

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Dorothy from San Francisco, CA Comments

Dorothy is having issues getting images off her digital camera. Leo says the first thing to do is make sure the cable she's using is OK. A bad cable or connector is always the first thing to try replacing. Next, she should get a memory card reader and take the SD card out of the camera. It could be a USB driver, but it's unlikely if her wireless mouse and keyboard are still working. One way to test is to plug in a USB thumbdrive. If that works, then she knows it isn't the USB drivers. Dorothy should make sure her camera is being seen as a hard drive (known as MTP). If she can see the camera on her desktop, she can open it like a hard drive or folder, then navigate to the DCIM folder and drag and drop them to it.

Leo recommends reinstalling the Fuji FinePix software as well. It could be that when she removed it, it broke the connectivity. She should try another disc in her CD drive and see if that works. If so, she'll know it was a bad disc.

Leo also thinks that AutoPlay got turned off. She should press the Windows Key, then type "settings." Hit the Return key, then go to Devices > AutoPlay and then turn it on. Select the option to ask every time.

Watch Larry from Petaluma, CA Comments

Larry got a new Windows PC for gaming, and he wants to arrange his desktop to his liking. Windows keeps rearranging the icons every time he restarts, though. How can he set it so it doesn't change?

Leo says that he may want to check his desktop settings to see if it's set to automatically arrange. He can just disable that. There are also third party programs like Desktop OK that will do it for him. It's free. StarDock also has some great Windows addons that can help as well.

Watch Tom from Boseman, MT Comments

Tom has two laptops that he's upgraded to Windows 10. One has decreased his battery life by 33%. Leo says that's usually a sign of a driver issue. Windows could have installed the wrong drivers. He recommends going to the manufacturer and getting the latest drivers. Power management has been a tough problem with Windows 10, though. So they may have a fix for that.

Watch Tom from Bozeman, MT Comments

Tom's laptop monitor goes blank when he plugs in an external monitor. Leo says to look into the display settings to make sure "extend" is selected. Leo suspects physical damage to the Dell Laptop. One thing to test is to try Windows Key + P. This will open the project side bar and see how the external screen is handled. It could be that second screen only has been selected. If it has, Windows has turned off the laptop screen.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay noticed in OS X El Capitan that there's something called "proxies." What is that? Leo says that unless he's using a proxy server, he should ignore it. If it has been set and he didn't know it, it could be a security software thing. Or perhaps a VPN. Proxies are used so that he can link another computer to get online, or use a different service. If it bothers him, he should just turn it off and see if it affects anything else. It could also be malware.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch David from Las Vegas, NV Comments

David took some pictures on a recent trip and they've disappeared. His SD card is missing. It looks like it fell out. He's worried that his password may be on it or people could gain access to apps. Leo says it would be encrypted if it was his password. The app data will be on there, but it depends on the app if it can read it or not. David's images and music will be in the clear though. But it's on a microsd card. Odds are that no one will find it and if they do, they might see the images. But he's obviously lost them all.

Watch Chap from Durango, CO Comments

Chap has an old XP laptop and wants to know how he can transfer data from it to a USB thumb drive. He tried to and it didn't work. Leo wants to know first if the laptop can see it. If not, he should try another. Flash memory can die and the thumbdrive could just be bad. He should also try both USB ports. If nothing shows up, his USB port could be dirty or could have shorted out. That's not likely, though. He should try another USB device like a mouse and see if that will work.

Watch Mark from Camarillo, CA Comments

Mark has taken Leo's advice and bought a Chromebook. Leo says that's a wise move. They're much more secure, just as fast, and easier to use. The Chromebook will soon be able to use all the apps in the Android Google Play store, too. That'll allow it to run millions of apps. Most people really don't need Windows. It's too complicated.

Watch David from Australia Comments

David has Airport Extreme routers at home, and he wants to know how much data is being used on his network. Leo says this is one of the drawbacks of the Airport Extreme routers: they lack some of the more modern features that other routers have. One way he could do this is by replacing the Airport Extremes with a more modern router that can monitor bandwidth. Leo uses the Asus AC3200 which has a built-in bandwidth monitor and can even tell him which computer is using the most.

There are apps like Bandwidth Plus that will track each computer's individual usage. He wouldn't be able to see the bandwidth of other computers that might be accessing his network, though.

He could also put something between his computers and the routers that could monitor bandwidth, like the Ubiquiti Edge Router. He'd have to put the Airport Extremes in Bridge mode, and use the Ubiquiti router in addition to it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Stan from Colton, CA Comments

Stan says that every time he changes the wallpaper on his desktop, it changes on his laptop. Leo says that's a new feature because he logs into Windows using his Microsoft account. Most see it as a benefit for consistency, since it syncs. He can turn that off, though. Or he can select the rotating wallpaper option. The chatroom says he can go into settings and disable "settings sharing." He should go to Settings > Accounts > SyncYourSettings > Theme.

Watch Ellen from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Ellen feels like she got ripped off by Microsoft. She got a popup saying she had a virus and listened to it, then paid $250 for support. Leo says that wasn't microsoft. That was a bad guy. Leo says it was a browser popup and they use that to phish for gullible people to sign up. Microsoft will never, ever do that. It's even worse, though. They likely got remote access and not only do they have her credit card, they have also likely installed more malware on the computer. At this point, Ellen should call the credit card company, reverse the charge and have her card number changed. Then she can backup her data, format the hard drive and reinstall windows.

The FTC has a good technote on how you can get your money back after a tech support scam.

Watch Bob from Albequerque, NM Comments

Bob wants to know what Leo thinks of the HP Elite mobile phone. Leo says it's pretty cool. It has a huge 6" screen. It's supposed to be a computer too, using Microsoft's continuum technology. You get a dock and a plug in laptop shell that turns it into a laptop. It's pretty clever. It's basically like Windows RT, though, so it will only run Windows Store apps. Bob should understand that it's the first phone of its type and if it works, he can expect that a Windows Surface phone will be coming. Leo recommends waiting and seeing what happens. Right now, it's more of an enterprise business tool.

Watch Diane from Warren, OH Comments

Diane wants to know how she can get a hard copy of the Windows 10 update. Leo says as long as she has already upgraded, it will be good forever. Then she is entitled to install it on her computer forever. There is a tool for it called the Media Creation Tool. This will enable her to create media and Leo recommends using a USB thumb drive. Then she can install it from the thumb drive. It's something everyone needs. Does that mean she can never put a new hard drive in? Leo says no. She can replace the hard drive, video card and maybe even the motherboard. But when Microsoft sees these new parts, they may deny her authentication. She would just need to contact them and let them know that she's replaced that part.

Watch John from Long Beach, CA Comments

John wants to know the best case for the Jet Black iPhone 7. Leo says that in the short run, he uses Ringke. They're clear and protect against scratches and drops. They're only $6 too. That will buy him some time until the higher performance cases come out.