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Watch Tom from Chicago, IL Comments

Paul has his 50th high school reunion this week and he knows that everyone will have cell phones, taking pictures and uploading to social media. Paul wants to know how to get the images all together. Leo suggests using hashtags. If he places the hashtag all around the reunion and announces to everyone to hashtag every post, then everyone will be able to search and see them. He can also create a central shared photo album at Google Photos and invite them to the shared album.

Watch Robert from Rockford, IL Comments

Robert has iPhone 6 Plus and his wife has iPhone 6. They both want to get iPhone 7. Leo says the time is right to upgrade, especially if he wants the dual camera array of the iPhone 7 Plus. Right now the waiting time is about 6 weeks, so he'll be looking at November. There's two different ways to buy it at Apple, online and at the store. He could also get it from his carrier. Apple will verify his account and if he is financing the phone through the carrier (like with AT&Ts NEXT program), they will give him a phone locked to that carrier. T-Mobile, however, doesn't lock their phones, and Verizon can't lock them because they're under a consent decree. Once Robert has had his phone for awhile and is in good standing, they can unlock it on request. If he buys the phone outright, however, it should come unlocked out of the box.

The interesting thing is that next year will be the tenth anniversary iPhone, and it's bound to be an amazing upgrade.

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Watch Jack from Jacinta, CA Comments

Jack drives a tall Ford Transit van, and the antenna that he has won't clear his garage door. Leo says a lot of people have a whip antenna on a spring that can be tied to the back of the vehicle so it isn't any higher than the top of the roof. But Jack says the antenna mount is near the roof and even that is too tall. Leo says that increasingly we'll see fewer cars made with radios at all. Electric cars don't even come with AM radios because there's too much noise for it. Tesla, for example, provides you with a Slacker and TuneIn Radio account to use internet radio with the car's LTE connection.

Watch David from Apple Valley, CA Comments

David upgraded to Windows 10 and now he can't open any spreadsheet attachment without entering a key. Leo says it sounds like Outlook is blocking the opening of attachments to protect him. This is because of ransomware, which has been triggered by opening an attachment. Ransomware, once opened, encrypts all user data and then asks for money to unlock it. So it's a security feature that it doesn't let him open those attachments. He may be able to disable that in settings, but the IT Department where he works probably has that enabled for a reason.

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Watch Brian from Fairview, CA Comments

Brian has the iPad Pro. He is now all Apple and his boss has made him the expert for all things Mac. Leo says that Apple has quite a bit of information online. iTunesU is a great place to start and it's free. He should also look at MacPorts or HomeBrew. Since Brian is a Linux guy, and under the hood OS X is essentially BSD, he'll be right at home.

Watch Tim from Temecula, CA Comments

Tim updated to Windows 10 and now he can't get online wirelessly. Leo says Tim's Asus uses the Broadcom driver. It's the ASUS T100 driver package and he can get it at Then all he'll need to do is install it via thumb drive. He can even do it on a Mac. Then he can install the drivers to his Asus from the thumb drive. He should just make sure the thumb drive is formatted to FAT32.

Watch Margie from California Comments

Margie is getting a ton of suggestions from autocomplete when she starts entering an email address in Yahoo mail. She can hover the mouse over the unwanted contacts and hit the X to delete them, but that could be a herculean endeavor. Sounds like Yahoo has screwed up the address book. Leo says it's not going to get better and he suggests shifting to Gmail. She can even set Gmail to get her Yahoo Mail and forward it.

The chatroom says that if she looks in her sent folder in Yahoo, she may find emails being sent that she didn't know about. That would indicate that her mail was compromised and has been used to send spam.

Watch Yoni from San Diego, CA Comments

Yoni wants to know if she should buy the Nexus 6P or the iPhone 7. Leo says he likes the 6P. It has better battery life, a nicer screen, and a removable battery. Google is going be releasing new phones next week under the Pixel name, though. Leo likes Google phones because they patch them first and you don't have to wait for a fix from the carrier or phone manufacturer. Google will just push the update like Apple does. The time is right to get the 6P, though, because they've dropped the price before the new phones come out.