Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1320 (1:06:01)

Chris Marquardt

This week's photographic super power is how to shoot the sun. If you want the sunset in the picture, use an automatic option like aperture priority. The camera will do quite well. Don't worry so much about what the camera does, pay closer attention to your composition. Include something in the foreground as your subject.

What about the horizon? In the middle is kind of bland. Make the decision to move it up or down based on what's interesting in the picture. If it's a beautiful sky, move it down to the lower third. Or if the sky is dull, bring it up to give it more foreground. Reflections can also make an image gorgeous. Get really low so that the sunset will reflect in the tide pool of a beach or lake picture. Use your strongest/longest lens for a telephoto to get a huge sun in your picture.

Colors. Sunsets need to be warm. If you wait until the sunset dips just below the horizon, you can get some really beautiful sky shots.

How to get sunbeams: use the smallest aperture possible (the highest number). It will end up creating beams all around the sun.