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Watch Steve from Canoga Park, CA Comments

Steve updated his iPhone to iOS 9.3.5. Leo says it's important because it fixes the exploit that enables countries to spy on iPhone users. But now Siri isn't working for Steve. He gets an error that he can't understand: "Please Try Again." Leo says a dirty microphone can easily do that. If it's also an issue via Bluetooth, then it points to something else. It could be a bad update. He can still dictate messages, though. Leo says that's a Messages issue then. The only thing he can do is backup his phone and do a factory reset.

Steve's other choice is to make an appointment to see a Genius at the Apple Store.

Watch David from Lubbock, TX Comments

David's old PC that he built has crashed. He wants to know if he should build another one. Leo says that building your own PC really doesn't save you money anymore. It's far more efficient to just buy a new computer from Dell or another manufacturer. That way if there's an issue, David would get support. When he builds his own, he is his own support.

Watch David from Lubbock, TX Comments

David's Samsung Galaxy S7 phone is having issues with wireless charging in his car. Leo says that the S7 supports Qi charging. Leo uses the Lilt. Leo wonders if it's a compatibility problem with the charger in his car. He can buy a third party one that supports Qi and plug it into his cigarette lighter, which would solve that issue.

Watch Rodney from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Rodney's Windows Surface Pro 1 has died. He wants to replace it with an active pen tablet. Leo says that Microsoft does the pen very well and the Surface Pro 4 is excellent. Another option is the Lenovo Yoga. It's really nice and convertible. Acer has a great one as well.

Watch Tom from New Hampshire Comments

Tom is calling about the app for using push to talk. He uses one called Roger and it sounds really clear. Leo says that's because it uses data, not the cellular network.

Does the Echo support TuneIn? Leo says not yet. They'll have to update it. Leo has heard that Sonos is going to support the Echo next year and you can use TuneIn on the Sonos. So that looks good. Amazon just did support for Spotify, so they're making progress in that direction. So in time, it should happen.

Watch Bob from San Jose, CA Comments

Bob wants a good microphone and camera to stream with his mobile phone. Leo says the Mevo is a great mic and camera that will work with the iPhone and it's great for live video streaming.

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Watch Raymond from Tennessee Comments

Raymond usually watches the TWiT network on his Mac. He tried watching it on Windows 10 with Edge and it buffers a lot. It works fine in Chrome, though. Leo says that Edge is likely the issue then, and it's because Edge isn't really ready to be used. It may also be that the quality of the stream is too high for his PC to keep up. On YouTube, he can step up the quality manually.

Flash could be the issue with Edge. Chrome comes with its own version of Flash, so he should stick with Chrome. Updating Flash will probably fix it as well. But Flash is going away, so the easiest way is to use Chrome.

Watch Rod from New Jersey Comments

Rod is ashamed to admit he's never backed up his computer. Leo says he's not alone. Most people don't and they don't get serious about it until they lose something. Rod is wondering if it's easy to do. Leo says sure. As we move more data in the cloud, he's probably already doing it to a certain extent without realizing it. His email is backed up. When he posts images to Facebook, it's backed up.

Leo believes in Peter Krogh's 3-2-1 backup strategy. He should have three backups, on two different formats, with one off site. That way he won't ever lose his important data. Learn more about it at

Watch Bob from San Jose, CA Comments

Bob has an old Samsung Galaxy phone and is looking to upgrade to an iPhone, but he doesn't want a larger phone because they're more expensive. Leo says that the iPhone SE is a good choice because it's essentially an iPhone 5 in a smaller package. He'll also save $100.

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Watch Stephanie from Corona, CA Comments

Stephanie would like to build an app. How can she find someone who can help her? Leo says that app ideas are a dime a dozen, and the trick is how to get the right person to make it and market it. There are great places to find a programmer. eLance is one such place. She should ask for references.

Stephanie should understand that most apps don't make any money and she could spend tens of thousands of dollars to make it. Leo recommends finding a good college kid who's into programming. Make them a partner and see where it goes. The app development game is fraught with peril, or she could learn it herself. Swift is Apple's new app programming language and they have training online.

Watch Damian from Spokane, WA Comments

Damian is trying to get an app called AllCast to work on his PC with AllCast Receiver, but it won't work for him. It works on his brother's PC, though. Leo says that AllCast is a great program that allows you to cast to it through Chromecast and it was designed to work with any streaming player. You can even turn your PC into a Chromecast like device. It's kind of a hack, though, so it may not work consistently.

There could be an issue with his firewall. Leo says that AllCast works with Port 5315 and he may need to open that port to use it.

Watch Larry from Birmingham, AL Comments

Larry has a 2009 27" iMac and is looking to add an SSD into it to create a kind of Fusion drive. Leo says it's tricky to roll your own fusion drive, but it's possible. is a great source. They have videos on how to make one. is another source. But why do that when he can just get the largest SSD he can and then save his data on a secondary spinning drive?

Is Time Machine a good backup? Leo says it works, but he prefers SuperDuper because he can make his external drive bootable and it will enable him to boot to it immediately if the internal drive goes down.

Watch Dan from St. Petersberg, FL Comments

Dan designed his website using Google Templates and it looks weird in Chrome. Leo says that it sounds like there's a problem with Blogspot. He may want to try regenerating the site. His content is separate from the template, so he can change the template and see what happens. Then if it's ok, go back to the original.

Watch Larry from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Larry bought a 1TB thumb drive, but after a week, his computer couldn't read it. Leo says that it's likely a counterfeit and a terrible one at that. It's probably a bad card from a cheap provider.