Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1319 (19:10)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott says that some movies are very effective on the silver screen and there are some that just work better in the movie theater, especially when equipped with Dolby Vision with Atmos Immersive Sound. Though you can get Atmos at home now. You can go to a nearby draft house theater which will serve you dinner and drinks while you're watching the movie. That's a great night out. Scott says that exhibitors are trying to find any way to get people to come out to the theater and improved projection and audio systems, along with those dinner theaters are definitely a good way to get people out.

Some new technology is coming out. JVC has announced a true 4K projector for the first time with laser illumination and high dynamic range. A huge leap for JVC. Philips has announced an HDR OLED TV with Ambilight. It's a light array on the back of the TV which flashes colors according to what's going on the screen. Scott says it's horrible, but you can set it to create a bias light which helps with eye fatigue.