Is my laptop powerful enough for Windows 10?

Episode 1319 (1:19:34)

Sandy from Costa Mesa, CA
Dell XPS 13

Sandy just had Windows 10 installed on her computer automatically and she wonders if it's really powerful enough. It's slow and it crashes a lot. Microsoft says her laptop had old drivers and needed them updated. But after that, it's still having issues. Leo says that the problem is that Windows 10 upgraded on top of Windows. A clean install of Windows 10 might make it better. She should wipe the drive and install Windows fresh. She should first backup her data to an external drive, and Microsoft's backup utility will work for that. Then download the install utility: Windows Media Creation Tool. It will then install the Windows installer on it. Then she can then format her hard drive and reinstall Windows 10. This will not only fix the problem, but it will refresh her hard drive, which is likely getting old. If that doesn't work, then she'll want to get HP's Windows 10 drivers specifically and install them.

Leo also suspects that ads are slowing down the browsers with auto start videos and such. So Leo recommends that Sandy try an ad blocker. uBlock Origin is a good one for Google Chrome.

Maybe Sandy should get a new laptop. Leo suggests a Chromebook. it's far easier, more reliable, and secure. But with Sandy's work, she needs to use remote desktop. So she needs a Windows machine. Leo's favorite is the Dell XPS 13. Lenovo also makes an excellent one that's convertible, called the Yoga. Leo still recommends the Dell, though.