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Watch Rocko from Oregon Comments

Rocko is looking to edit Let's Play Minecraft videos for YouTube and he wants a free or cheap video editor. He has a PC running Windows 10.

Windows Movie Maker is the best free PC video editor, but it isn't available for Windows 10. If he can find it, it will work. Leo's favorite is Sony Vegas Movie Studio, which is about $50. It also has a 30 day free trial.

Watch Lee from Denmark Comments

Lee is looking at Bluetooth headphones. Leo says that Apple is making the move towards Bluetooth headphones and there's plenty of options out there already. Leo says he'll want to make sure his headphones are at least A2DP profile supported.

With Apple rumored to be getting rid of the headphone jack, there's a new advanced audio profile called "aptX." Scott says there aren't as many supporting aptX yet, but Philips has some, as does Sennheiser. He can bet that Beats will have one out soon should Apple drop the headphone jack. Leo says if he's a true audiophile, he'll want to stay wired. The quality is simply better.

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Watch Brett from Tacoma, WA Comments

Brett built his own PC and he's trying to move files from his old Mac. But his Passbook external drive doesn't see all of the files from his Mac. Leo says that's because Mac and PC use different file formats. Macs can read PC files, but Windows can't read Mac's HFS+ file system. So to be cross platform, he'll need to format the hard drive to FAT32.

There are Windows programs, however, that can read HFS+ programs. Paragon is one that Leo has used for years. It's $20 with a 10 day free trial. A free option is HFS Explorer from Catacombae. It's written in Java.

Watch David from Florida Comments

David wants a good browser for his smart TV. Leo says don't! They're all terrible. Leo suggests going with DNLA or MiraCast, or even Chromecast and then cast the PC browser to his TV.

Watch Sandy from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sandy just had Windows 10 installed on her computer automatically and she wonders if it's really powerful enough. It's slow and it crashes a lot. Microsoft says her laptop had old drivers and needed them updated. But after that, it's still having issues. Leo says that the problem is that Windows 10 upgraded on top of Windows. A clean install of Windows 10 might make it better. She should wipe the drive and install Windows fresh. She should first backup her data to an external drive, and Microsoft's backup utility will work for that. Then download the install utility: Windows Media Creation Tool. It will then install the Windows installer on it. Then she can then format her hard drive and reinstall Windows 10. This will not only fix the problem, but it will refresh her hard drive, which is likely getting old. If that doesn't work, then she'll want to get HP's Windows 10 drivers specifically and install them.

Leo also suspects that ads are slowing down the browsers with auto start videos and such. So Leo recommends that Sandy try an ad blocker. uBlock Origin is a good one for Google Chrome.

Maybe Sandy should get a new laptop. Leo suggests a Chromebook. it's far easier, more reliable, and secure. But with Sandy's work, she needs to use remote desktop. So she needs a Windows machine. Leo's favorite is the Dell XPS 13. Lenovo also makes an excellent one that's convertible, called the Yoga. Leo still recommends the Dell, though.

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Watch Fernando from Neurenberg, Germany Comments

Fernando can't download Windows XP Service Pack 3. Leo says that's because they've stopped supporting XP. Can he get it elsewhere? Leo says not to go anywhere but Microsoft to get updates. It's just not safe, especially from Softonic. They usually add stuff that will install other things he doesn't want. But really, he's no less secure without it if he just follows the following guidelines:

1. Stop using XP as an administrator. Use it as a limited user instead. Add an account as an administrator and then demote your existing account to limited user. This will stop over 90% of all the exploits out there.
2. Stop using Internet Explorer. Go with Google Chrome. It's free and far more secure.
3. Don't click on links in email.
4. Only get your software from original vendors.
5. Keep your anti virus software up to date.
6. Stop using Java
7. Use a password vault like LastPass
8. Turn on second factor authentication

Leo also thinks it's time for Linux. Why not move to open source software? There are versions of Ubuntu designed for older computers. XuBuntu and Lubuntu are good ones. Antergos and Debian are also good ones.

Watch Valerie from Sunland, CA Comments

Valerie wants to know if there's any good Walkie Talkie apps for smartphones. Leo says that feature was killed with the smartphone, but Voxer is one that still does it. It even works with the Apple Watch. It's been superceeded with Facebook Messenger and Apple Messages since you can just send audio recordings there now as well. Everyone in the chatroom says Facebook Messenger is the way to go. The downside is that everyone has to use the same one.

TiKL, iPTT, and HeyTell are more options. has reviews of the big walkie-talkie apps. Valerie could also go to and search "Voxer," and it will give her many more options to try.

Watch Tim from LaHabra, CA Comments

Tim has a message popping up that asks which app to open a file with. It happens automatically and he doesn't know what file it is. Leo says that's disconcerting. Leo suspects AdWare or worse! There's something on his system that is running in the background and the antivirus can't kill it. He'll have to figure out what the app is that's starting up. He'll have to expect that his system has been compromised, though, and the only real way to be sure he's gotten rid of the malware is to backup his data, wipe his hard drive, and reinstall Windows.

If he doesn't want to do that yet, he should run Autoruns from Microsoft. He can get it from

Watch Joe from New York Comments

Joe wants to know how much he should spend on a tablet to get a decent one. Leo says not a lot. The Nexus 7 is $200 and it runs great. Samsung is a great place to look as well. The best place for a good tablet, though, is Google itself. That way he'll get updates as they come out.

Leo is starting to think that the tablet category may have run its course. Sure, you can buy a $20 cheapie from the gas station, but it won't ever get updated. Leo advises that Joe stick with Google. PC Mag has the Best Android Tablets for 2016. The $49 Amazon Fire is the best of the cheap brands.