What HDTV should I buy?

Episode 1318 (1:21:02)

Fran from Irvine, CA
Vizio E-Series

Fran is looking to get a new TV. Leo says the first thing she should do is upgrade her cable coverage to HD. If she wants a smaller TV, like a 32", they are really affordable. Leo recommends that Fran go as large as she can afford -- at least 42".

Leo recommends Vizio. They offer the best quality for the price. The E-Series is their lower end, value series. She should try and get an LED backlit TV, not edgelit. Will it ruin reception if she puts it on the wall? Leo says not really, but she will need to make sure the cable box is within line-of-sight of the remote. Most modern TVs have terrible sound, so she may want to get a budget home theater system as well. What about a sound bar? Leo's not a fan of sound bars, and for the same price, she can get a home theater in a box or "HTIB."