Should I wait to buy my MacBook Pro?

Episode 1318 (13:12)

Bernardi from Sao Paolo, Brazil
Dell XPS 15

Bernardi says that he's a Linux system admin, and he's thinking about going with a MacBook Pro for his next computer. It's very expensive with the dollar exchange, though. We're talking $10,000! Leo says that's crazy! Most of that cost is a tariff to the Brazilian government. This is why Apple's been considering opening a plant in Brazil.

Bernardi says he has a friend in the US that can buy it for him, but should he wait until September 7th's event? Leo says that it couldn't hurt. Then again, since Bernardi is looking at refurbished devices, it won't really matter. The prices may drop if they do announce new ones, though. Leo says that the Dell XPS 15 is also a great option. They even have an Ubuntu edition and they run beautifully.