Is it worth buying a 4K TV?

Episode 1318 (1:56:33)

Trevor from Hawthorne, CA
Vizio E-Series TV

Trevor says that if you're having trouble with your router, look for a router firmware upgrade. That often fixes connectivity problems.

Trevor is thinking of getting a curved 4K OLED TV. Leo says that there's no benefit to a curved TV. In fact, the design flaw of the curve is that a reflection will spread across the entire screen. On top of that, it's awful for people watching on the sides. It's all just marketing. He should get a flat screen.

What about 4K? Is it worth it? Leo says that there isn't a lot of content, and there's none over-the-air. Some are still broadcasting in 720p. It looks great on Blu-ray, and even Netflix's 4K streaming looks great. There's also a handful of manufacturers making the panels, so he'll lose out on software and chipsets. The cheaper the TV, the worse the upscaling. So he'll get what he pays for. He's also paying the nameplate premium. That's why Leo also recommends Vizio. He'll get more bang for his buck.