Why doesn't NumberSync work on AT&T?

Episode 1317 (1:23:19)

John from Sherman Oaks, CA

John has discovered that he can use his mobile phone number through his Samsung Gear Watch through NumberSync. He can also sync it with his tablet. But people that have called him have been getting a voicemail message saying he's not accepting calls. AT&T swapped out his phone and his watch, and while AT&T says they never had this issue before, there's forum posts filled with people complaining about the problem. Leo says that AT&T is chasing a dollar.

A better option is Google Voice. It can send a phone call to up to five different devices and it actually works. It will call his cell phone, and then move on to his tablet or even his desktop. It's a much more elegant interface.

Leo says that John can write to Randal Stevenson, CEO of AT&T and that letter will get forwarded to an executive who will be tasked to address it. That's really all he can do but, honestly, AT&T doesn't care.