Why am I getting a popup on my Android phone?

Episode 1317 (47:36)

Bruce from Beaumont, CA
Samsung Active S7

Bruce is getting popups on his Android phone that says he's won something. That never happened on his Windows phone or iPhone. Leo says it's an embedded message in a website that he's visiting. Leo says that Safari may have blocked it on the iPhone. Leo says there's an app called Ghostery, which has an ad-blocker built into it. It also tells him where it's coming from. There's also a Chrome plugin that does it on the desktop.

What's a good, tough Android phone for a kid? Leo says that Samsung makes a more rugged phone with their Active line. They're pretty tough, but they're not cheap. Bruce should remember that the glass screen will still be vulnerable. Leo recommends getting a good case with it too. Otterbox is a good brand.