What new mobile phone should I buy?

Episode 1317 (12:24)

Ron from Fallbrook, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Ron knows that the iPhone 7 is coming and he's ready to upgrade, but he needs more memory and hasn't been happy with how Apple handles images. Is there a better option out there? Leo says that since Ron still has the iPhone 4, the 6S Plus would be a huge improvement. Leo says in spite of that, Apple is still behind in design compared to Android, and he's worried about the new design which is believed to get rid of the headphone jack.

Leo has been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Leo says even though it's a smaller phone than the iPhone 6S, it actually has a larger phone screen because it has no bezel. Android is a different world, though. Ron should also check out the Samsung Galaxy S7. Leo says to go to the AT&T store and check them out alongside the iPhone 6S. Leo says whatever phone he gets, he should make sure to get a case.