Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1317 (21:00)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about how important it is to calibrate your HD TV. We've heard him say that time and time again, and Scott even travels up to t Petaluma to do calibrate Leo's TVs from time to time. But it's even more important with 4K UHD TVs that have high dynamic range or Ultra HD Premium. Some you have to turn on HDR Color to enable it. It's buried deep in the menus. Ideally, have a pro do it. But it's not cheap. Costs hundreds of dollars to get a pro TV calibrator to come to your home. You can look online to see what others have used settings wise, so that could help, and there are DVD utilities that will get you about 80% there. Two modes - ISF, Night Mode and Day mode. This gives you two different settings to watch TV during the day or night and get the best look. But at the very least, you need to turn off the default settings of the TV, which is usually referred to as the showroom mode. It's designs to make it look good in stores. Scott advises changing it to the movie or home mode.