Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1317 (1:07:11)

Little Jet is just a month away and Johnny and Natalie are busy with parental workshops. So things are getting very exciting.

This weeks' website - PetChatz. It's essentially Ring Central or Skype for Pets, where you can talk to your pet. You can even train them to use it to call you, and it will release a treat as a reward. $379. Leo says he used to have one, but returned it because his dog ignored it.

Another The TrueSize. TrueSize shows you the real size of a country you see on the map.You can drag a country and set it on top of another to compare sizes. You can even compare states. Leo says that's a fun site.

Johnny also wants to know why he's all of a sudden getting a ton of followers. Leo says that most of those are probably spam accounts and Twitter ignores it. Very irresponsible. All you can really do is block them when you realize they're there. Check out Twitter Audit and it will tell you how many fake followers you actually have.