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Watch Ron from Fallbrook, CA Comments

Ron knows that the iPhone 7 is coming and he's ready to upgrade, but he needs more memory and hasn't been happy with how Apple handles images. Is there a better option out there? Leo says that since Ron still has the iPhone 4, the 6S Plus would be a huge improvement. Leo says in spite of that, Apple is still behind in design compared to Android, and he's worried about the new design which is believed to get rid of the headphone jack.

Leo has been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Leo says even though it's a smaller phone than the iPhone 6S, it actually has a larger phone screen because it has no bezel. Android is a different world, though. Ron should also check out the Samsung Galaxy S7. Leo says to go to the AT&T store and check them out alongside the iPhone 6S. Leo says whatever phone he gets, he should make sure to get a case.

Watch Jay from Chicago, IL Comments

Jay has backed up his iPhone and installed the iOS 10 Beta. He's having issues with iCloud sync with his iPad and Mac, along with the universal clipboard. Leo says that a beta version will always have some things that don't work. Leo suggests restarting everything to see if they sync back together. He also should make sure everything is updated to the latest version. Being on the same Wi-Fi network also helps.

One user says he'll have to have Bluetooth turned on as well. It could be that it uses Bluetooth to sync. iOS 10 will be finalized and released in a few weeks, along with OS X Sierra. It should clear up by then.

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Watch Bruce from Beaumont, CA Comments

Bruce is getting popups on his Android phone that says he's won something. That never happened on his Windows phone or iPhone. Leo says it's an embedded message in a website that he's visiting. Leo says that Safari may have blocked it on the iPhone. Leo says there's an app called Ghostery, which has an ad-blocker built into it. It also tells him where it's coming from. There's also a Chrome plugin that does it on the desktop.

What's a good, tough Android phone for a kid? Leo says that Samsung makes a more rugged phone with their Active line. They're pretty tough, but they're not cheap. Bruce should remember that the glass screen will still be vulnerable. Leo recommends getting a good case with it too. Otterbox is a good brand.

Watch Gordon from Long Island, NY Comments

Gordon bought a Wi-Fi extender for his D-Link router and wants to know if WPS is a problem. Leo says it's very insecure. Gordon should disable WPS on his router, but he can leave it on to set up for the extender since it's behind the main router. WPS is a terribly insecure system that's easy to break.

Watch Gordon from Long Island, NY Comments

Gordon has been getting a notification that he's out of state or even the country. Leo says that can be a phishing email and he should be suspicious, especially if it has a link to click on. It's also a new thing that most sites are doing now to advise users if there's different activity, even if it is his own. It's also likely that the warning gets triggered when it doesn't know where he is, so it defaults to a generic IP. It's good to pay attention to this, though.

Watch John from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

John has discovered that he can use his mobile phone number through his Samsung Gear Watch through NumberSync. He can also sync it with his tablet. But people that have called him have been getting a voicemail message saying he's not accepting calls. AT&T swapped out his phone and his watch, and while AT&T says they never had this issue before, there's forum posts filled with people complaining about the problem. Leo says that AT&T is chasing a dollar.

A better option is Google Voice. It can send a phone call to up to five different devices and it actually works. It will call his cell phone, and then move on to his tablet or even his desktop. It's a much more elegant interface.

Leo says that John can write to Randal Stevenson, CEO of AT&T and that letter will get forwarded to an executive who will be tasked to address it. That's really all he can do but, honestly, AT&T doesn't care.

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Watch Warren from Pennsylvania Comments

Warren is thinking about buying a Chromebook now that it can run Android apps. He needs to be able to connect via ethernet, though. Leo says Warren can get an ethernet adapter as long as it's compatible, and all USB to ethernet adapters are compatible with the Chromebook. BobJGear USB to RJ45 adapter is a good one and it's under $20. What about security? Leo says that Chromebooks are more secure than any other computer out there.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard has an LG Android phone and it only has 4GB of storage space. Leo says that's because the other half of his 8GB phone is taken up by the Android operating system. Richard can put a microSD card in it for extra storage and set his camera and photo gallery to save to it, as well as music. That will free up space. If it's that small, it's probably time to get a new phone, though.

Watch Susan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Susan does a wordpress blog and loves cruising. Since the internet connection isn't all that great on the ship, she wants offline blogging software to create blogs that she can update. Leo says if she looks in her Wordpress settings, she'll see that she has a Wordpress email address. This means she can actually post to her blog via emails. With practice, it will look just like the post. Here's some good software options Susan can use:

Watch Doug from Long Island, NY Comments

Doug has iOS 9.5.3 installed, and when he taps on the home button, the whole screen drops down. Leo says it's a feature that allows you to use your phone one handed because the iPhone 6S is larger than the previous iPhones. It's supposed to do that whenever you double tap the home button, without actually pressing it down.

Watch Dennis from San Diego, CA Comments

Dennis bought a new Dell XPS 9500 computer. Leo says that Dell XPS laptops are a very good choice. Dennis has an issue with the sound on it, though. He's also having problems streaming video. Leo says it could be the sound card but his first instinct is to look at the operating system. Dennis should update the drivers. He may even have to try reinstalling Windows. Then if that doesn't work, he can think about hardware.