Why doesn't my old laptop connect to the internet?

Episode 1316 (51:18)

Sue from Redondo Beach, CA

Sue bought a new router/modem and her laptop won't connect wirelessly anymore. She's been told that her network card is bad. Leo recommends taking the laptop to a coffee shop to see if it connects via Wi-Fi. If it does, then it's just a configuration issue. Since the laptop is Windows Vista, she wants to just get a new computer. Leo says that's a much better option since Windows 10 is far better than Vista.

Leo advises going with a smaller laptop and getting a large screen that she can dock into. If she really wants a large screen laptop, Lenovo makes a 17" laptop that's really good. The Yoga can convert to a tablet, though, and that's a nice thing. Leo's favorite computers are Dells, though. The XPS line are the best.