Can crowdfunding help a band?

Episode 1316 (1:11:49)

Ryan from Canada

Ryan plays in an indy music band and they've been doing really well with crowdfunding for their projects. They've since made the fans their record label and they're even more successful, even though they aren't making as much money. They get more money from every sale. Leo says that when record companies rob artists by taking the lion's share of the profits, what do they expect but their talent going with a more independent business model that benefits them in the longer run? They have greater fan engagement. They also get more out of merchandising. By focusing on your core fan base, you can do quite well. The cool thing is with direct contact with their fans, they can surprise them with new tracks before they go on sale.

This also comes with the downside of not being able to unzip a folder on a mobile phone. Ryan is wondering how he can send fans music that can be added on mobile? Leo says that SoundCloud and Bandcamp solves the problem by streaming the music, rather than downloading it. That's the challenge of ownership, though. They can also just send fans a link to a file sharing portal like DropBox, which can download it. Leo uses Transfer.SH. It's kind of primitive in that it's a command line, but it works because it provides a link that people can use to download. There's also BitTorrent Now. BTSync is interesting and is sharable.

From the Chatroom - Phish uses a special service that's a great option and it offers a lot of options for $99 a year. Umphrey's McGee does it too.

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