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Watch Shannon from Nebraska Comments

Shannon is a southern gospel singer and they sing in 4 track harmony. He's looking for good software that can balance the volume and gain when recording separately during a live performance. Leo says that all recording software has that capability, and he can always use hardware to do it with a Telos compression/expansion module. It also protects against popping and clipping. Audacity is free and he could find a plugin for it that can work. It's available on all platforms, too. There's also the Levelator from the Conversations Network. Very popular with podcasters. Sox from Sourgeforge is another option.

On your phone - Ophonic. You can record and then edit on the cloud.

Watch Carson from Ontario, CAN Comments

Carson bought a Dell XPS 13 laptop and he wants to know if he can send text messages from Windows 10 like the Mac can. Leo says Apple uses Messages and Leo says that Apple has really blown it by not making it cross platform for everyone. Carson can still use SMS text messages, though.

There's a plugin for Chrome called MightyText. Another option, PushBullet, would give him additional options including copying files. It's also the most cross platform. There's also cross platform apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but he'd have to convince others to use them too.

Watch Paul from Virginia Comments

Paul has a Samsung Galaxy S5 and after he upgraded to Marshmallow, his pictures have disappeared from his gallery. He found them by doing some searching. Leo says that's because Google changed where the images appear. They are now in a folder called DCIM, just like on a camera. The Samsung Gallery app needs to be updated. Leo advises using Google Photos. That's what Google wants you to use anyway, and it will automatically upload your photos.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike has noticed that in iOS, you can ask Siri to enable 'Do Not Disturb' mode. After the latest update to iOS 9, you have to unlock the phone to do it. It's a new security feature. It's possible to turn that off, though. Now it's been fixed, and Apple says it was a bug.

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Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul has a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone that won't update or download apps. He's been told it's too old. Leo says it may be, which is too bad because it runs just fine. Paul could root it and install a custom version of the recent Android OS on it. He should go to XDA Developers and search for the exact model of his phone. It's not an easy hack, and he should follow the directions to the letter. Or he could upgrade. He'll likely get a good deal on a Galaxy S7 or a Note 7.

What about Motorola? Leo says he has some misgivings on the Moto Z, since it doesn't have a headphone jack. It has poor battery life as well.

Watch Sue from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Sue bought a new router/modem and her laptop won't connect wirelessly anymore. She's been told that her network card is bad. Leo recommends taking the laptop to a coffee shop to see if it connects via Wi-Fi. If it does, then it's just a configuration issue. Since the laptop is Windows Vista, she wants to just get a new computer. Leo says that's a much better option since Windows 10 is far better than Vista.

Leo advises going with a smaller laptop and getting a large screen that she can dock into. If she really wants a large screen laptop, Lenovo makes a 17" laptop that's really good. The Yoga can convert to a tablet, though, and that's a nice thing. Leo's favorite computers are Dells, though. The XPS line are the best.

Watch Ryan from Canada Comments

Ryan plays in an indy music band and they've been doing really well with crowdfunding for their projects. They've since made the fans their record label and they're even more successful, even though they aren't making as much money. They get more money from every sale. Leo says that when record companies rob artists by taking the lion's share of the profits, what do they expect but their talent going with a more independent business model that benefits them in the longer run? They have greater fan engagement. They also get more out of merchandising. By focusing on your core fan base, you can do quite well. The cool thing is with direct contact with their fans, they can surprise them with new tracks before they go on sale.

This also comes with the downside of not being able to unzip a folder on a mobile phone. Ryan is wondering how he can send fans music that can be added on mobile? Leo says that SoundCloud and Bandcamp solves the problem by streaming the music, rather than downloading it. That's the challenge of ownership, though. They can also just send fans a link to a file sharing portal like DropBox, which can download it. Leo uses Transfer.SH. It's kind of primitive in that it's a command line, but it works because it provides a link that people can use to download. There's also BitTorrent Now. BTSync is interesting and is sharable.

From the Chatroom - Phish uses a special service that's a great option and it offers a lot of options for $99 a year. Umphrey's McGee does it too.

Check out or visit his Facebook page.

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Watch Joe from Valencia, CA Comments

Joe has a Dell Inspiron i7 and it slows down a lot. He's found that the best way to speed it up is to reboot, but he doesn't want to do that all the time. Leo recommends looking at his system's usage with Microsoft's Process Explorer. It could point to what applications are experiencing a memory leak. That's when programs don't release the memory when he's done using them. It could even be an extension running in the browser or Flash. It could also be a flakey hard drive.

Joe may also want to try reinstalling Windows from scratch. It could be a bad build.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard wants to know how to share videos to Google Photos. Leo says he needs to right click on the video and select 'share.' Or he can press the share button and create a link or share it as a shared album.

Watch John from Riverside, CA Comments

After John updated his iPhone 5 to iOS 9.3, it's not doing anything. AT&T says that Apple has been having issues with the update and that he needed to contact Apple. So after 2 hours of backing up, reloading, etc. Apple determined it was a hardware issue and that he should buy a new phone. Leo says that one last thing he can do is take out the SIM card and then put it back in. Sometimes it can shake lose.

John wound up buying a new iPhone 6s through a 'buy one get one' deal for him and his wife, but now he's getting terrible battery life on one of them. It's only lasting about a half day. Leo says John's wife could have different usage patterns. So they reloaded it and it's still not holding a charge. Leo says it sounds like a lemon, and because Apple sells millions of phones, a certain small percentage will have issues. Leo says that since it's under warranty, John should keep taking it back until they replace it. They should because that's what it needs.

Could an OS kill a phone? Leo says no. It could cause those problems, but not destroy the hardware.

Watch Gary from Linden, NV Comments

Gary's wife wants to buy something online, but she can't put items in the cart. Leo says it could be a browser issue. Most carts use Javascript and if it becomes corrupt or if it can't save a cookie, then it won't be able to do that. Gary should try a different browser like Chrome and see if that works. He could also try resetting the browser.