What camera should I get for a trip to Europe?

Episode 1315 (1:25:14)

Ian from London, ENG
Olympus E-M10

Ian wants to know how safe VPNs are. Leo says that VPNs will create an encrypted tunnel for the internet, but only to the VPN network you use. Sooner or later the data still has to run out into the public internet. And you have to trust that VPN company with your sensitive data.

Ian's going to be traveling around Europe this Fall and he wants to get a new phone, camera and action camera. His budget is 1200 pounds. Leo says that using the smartphone as his camera would certainly make it easier than lugging around three different cameras. Leo says that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best camera out there. The Canon Powershot cameras are also excellent point and shoots with good optics.

Another option is the Olympus E-M10 micro four thirds. They have the largest range of lens choices. They're really great for Ian's price range. Definitely go with the OMD.