Should I buy an iMac now?

Episode 1315 (51:47)

Joe from Garden Grove, CA
Apple iMacs

Joe is looking to get a new iMac. Should he buy now? Leo says sure. Even though there's going to be new models announced in the fall, the talk on the street is that it will likely be laptops, like a new MacBook Pro.

Leo recommends going to After choosing iMac, the first distinction is the size of the display -- 21" or 27". Joe has a budget of $2,000, so Leo recommends going with the 27". It's a beautiful 5K display. After that, he'll be drilling down to RAM and other details. He doesn't have to worry so much about the processor, and there's only two choices there. He should get at least 8GB of RAM. Apple recommends the Fusion drive, but Leo thinks an SSD is better. A 256GB SSD will be fine for Joe.