Hacking Group Announces Auction of NSA "Cyber Weapons"

Episode 1315 (01:46)

A hacker group called "ShadowBrokers" may have gotten NSA exploits that could be used to target Cisco firewall systems. If these are real, did they hack the NSA to get them? The group is asking for 1 million Bitcoins in an auction for the best "cyber weapons" that the group hasn't released. It raises a lot of questions about the legitimacy of these exploits, how they got them, and how dangerous they are. It seems that they are real, though, because The Intercept released documents on Friday that effectively confirm that the ShadowBrokers preliminary data dump is real. Cisco, the target of some of these exploits, confirmed not only that they are real exploits, but that the NSA has been using them for years.

Read more at TheIntercept.com.