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Watch Henry from Santa Fe, NM Comments

Henry has an old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that he wants to use as a media appliance. He is way behind on Android updates and he no longer has a carrier for it to get the over the air updates. Leo says he just needs to go to XDA Developers Forums and search for his exact device. He'll then find the step by step instructions to root his Android phone and put a more recent version of Android on it (called ROMs).

Watch Steve from Apple Valley, CA Comments

Steve is looking at a Dell Inspiron 17" laptop. Leo suggests getting a laptop with a smaller screen and then dock it to a larger screen at home. That way he can get a larger screen and not sacrifice portability. Leo says to get an SSD to make it faster and then use a spinning external drive for his data drive. A 512GB SSD will work just fine.

Watch Paul from Culver City, CA Comments

Paul is looking for an HD security camera, where he could save and then edit the videos. Leo says the Google Nest cameras are good for that. They are very high resolution, but they use a lot of bandwidth upstream - 1 Mbps per camera. That could kill his internet in some cases. He may also have to pay for offline recording. He'll be able to download the video and edit it, though. That's probably the easiest way. Otherwise he'd have to wire the cameras to his computer and capture it directly.

For local recording to an SD card, Leo recommends Axis. They have both hosting in the cloud or local storage.

Watch Art from Corona, CA Comments

Art has issues with Windows 10 giving him an error message for shutting down. Leo says that Internet Explorer on Windows 10 isn't the default browser, Edge is. It has been in a kind of unfinished state until recently, though. If Internet Explorer is crashing a lot, Art should clear the history/cache and reset the browser. Leo says that the most common cause of crashing in Internet Explorer is plugins. So there's probably a bad extension in there that's causing it to hang up. It could also be a damaged version of Flash. Art should turn off plugins and see if it works better, or run it in safe mode. If it runs better, then he'll know it's a plugin.

Leo recommends just using Google Chrome instead. It's faster, more secure, and gets constantly updated.

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Watch Ed from Lyle, CA Comments

Every time Ed opens up Firefox, it goes to Google. He keeps changing it to another page and it goes back to Google every time he opens it. Leo says it sounds like it's been changed in the settings by an extension or toolbar. Many companies make money by having their extension on your browser. Ed should right click the icon and select Properties. He should look to see what the shortcut is. He should try resetting his browser.

Watch Joe from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Joe is looking to get a new iMac. Should he buy now? Leo says sure. Even though there's going to be new models announced in the fall, the talk on the street is that it will likely be laptops, like a new MacBook Pro.

Leo recommends going to After choosing iMac, the first distinction is the size of the display -- 21" or 27". Joe has a budget of $2,000, so Leo recommends going with the 27". It's a beautiful 5K display. After that, he'll be drilling down to RAM and other details. He doesn't have to worry so much about the processor, and there's only two choices there. He should get at least 8GB of RAM. Apple recommends the Fusion drive, but Leo thinks an SSD is better. A 256GB SSD will be fine for Joe.

Watch Al from California Comments

Al's Norton Anti Virus is up for renewal. Is there an alternative? Leo says absolutely. Norton is actually making systems less secure, according to many security analysts. Windows' own antivirus, Windows Defender works just fine. Leo doesn't even recommend antivirus software anymore because all too often they cause more trouble than they're worth. The best defense is ultimately the user's behavior. Windows Defender is perfectly adequate, and it comes for free with Windows.

If Al is using an older version of Windows like Windows 7, then he should download Microsoft Security Essentials.

To remove Norton, Al should get the Norton Removal Tool, not the uninstall utility. It will remove Norton completely.

Watch Jimmy from Inglewood, CA Comments

Jimmy got a new MacBook Pro and he's looking to get an SSD that a neighbor was selling. Leo says it may not work because of the design of Apple laptops. Every laptop is designed specially and it may need a custom fit SSD. If it's a standard SSD, he may be OK.

How can he clone his hard drive to the SSD? Leo says to use SuperDuper. He can then make it bootable. Once he knows that works, he can then remove the old drive and then put the SSD in.

Jimmy should check with Other World Computing, as they know the most about Macs outside of Apple and can advise him on whether or not that SSD will fit.

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Watch Matthew from Louisville, KY Comments

Matthew is a kid and he wants to run a plugin for the Minecraft home server. Leo says that to use the Mojang server, you have to use the plugins. There's a plugin folder on the server and that's where the plugins go. Then restart the server and it should see it.

Watch Ian from London, ENG Comments

Ian wants to know how safe VPNs are. Leo says that VPNs will create an encrypted tunnel for the internet, but only to the VPN network you use. Sooner or later the data still has to run out into the public internet. And you have to trust that VPN company with your sensitive data.

Ian's going to be traveling around Europe this Fall and he wants to get a new phone, camera and action camera. His budget is 1200 pounds. Leo says that using the smartphone as his camera would certainly make it easier than lugging around three different cameras. Leo says that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best camera out there. The Canon Powershot cameras are also excellent point and shoots with good optics.

Another option is the Olympus E-M10 micro four thirds. They have the largest range of lens choices. They're really great for Ian's price range. Definitely go with the OMD.

Watch Nuris from California Comments

Nuris wants to know why AT&T UVerse is so slow. They've replaced her modem eight times. Leo says that if she's watching TV and the Internet, it uses the same internet connection. So it can slow down due to bandwidth. UVerse can also be using the old copper phone lines which could slow it down as well. It could also be the connections just outside her house. It may be fiber optic, but from the curb to her house is an issue. It's probably the box that connects to the fiber that is failing.

Watch Ed from Levittown, PA Comments

Ed backed up his hard drive and then ran the Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but his backup doesn't show up in Windows. Leo says he should be able to manually mount the hard drive in the Windows 10 drive manager. He should type Windows Key + X. It sounds like Windows update broke the USB driver. If it doesn't see the partition of the drive, then it sounds like a driver issue. Maybe the drive software is doing something. Ed should re-download and install the driver.

Watch Robert from Clovis, CA Comments

Robert's Apple ID got hacked and they've been changing all his passwords and email notifications. He contacted Apple and they aren't believing that he is who he says he is yet. Leo says that they are being deliberately slow now to avoid the social engineering snafu. They want him to provide proof through his payment records, but it may be that Robert got socially engineered and lost his password. That's why turning on 2nd factor authentication is important.