What's the best Bluetooth speaker to DJ with?

Episode 1314 (1:03:33)

David from Central Lake, MI
ION Total PA Plus

David is looking for new speakers for parties and to DJ with, but still use at home. He has a budget of $200 to $400. He wants powered speakers, and preferably Bluetooth. Leo says there's a lot out there. The options are actually more cosmetic now -- water proof, sand proof, etc. Generally, the better sound will be expensive and less robust.

JBL makes really good studio monitors. They also make portable Bluetooth speakers, and some are even battery powered. Leo uses Audio Engine. They're excellent, but they're also fragile. David should check out The Wire Cutter. They like the UE Roll 2.

Leo says the Bose Soundlinks also have very good sound. The Riva Turbo X speakers are huge and have long battery life. John in the studio says to look for the Bluetooth Portable PA by ION.